2024 DC Forum



DC Forum Registration

Registration is now FULL


Citygate Network has been organizing DC Forums for the past decade. With new leadership at Citygate Network and the political climate heating up in anticipation of the 2024 presidential election, none have been more crucial to attend than this.

Our time together begins on Monday evening at the Army and Navy Club, featuring dinner and initial sessions. Tuesday's gathering ensures easy connectivity with lawmakers and representatives throughout the day, concluding with a dinner on Capitol Hill. Wednesday will boast of meetings on Capitol Hill, which Citygate Network has scheduled for you, or you have scheduled for yourself. Given the approaching presidential election season, the DC Forum offers a vital opportunity for education on current government topics and establishing relationships with influential representatives.

The DC Forum welcomes CEOs, public relations staff, associate directors, and others dealing with government matters are invited to join us. The first person from a ministry member pays the full price ($449), and additional staff from the same member organization can attend at a discount ($409).

We hope to see you in Washington D.C.!


The DC Forum is intended for Mission/Ministry Leaders Only

Citygate Network designed the DC Forum as an exclusive event for mission and ministry leaders specifically. Businesses who have not purchased one of the limited sponsorships cannot attend the event in any capacity. This policy intentionally avoids non-sponsoring company representatives from mingling with attendees that are specifically seeking peer connections rather than services at an exclusive event. Because of this, we offer only a few sponsorship opportunities for businesses to invest in the opportunity to share a pertinent message. In an effort to preserve the integrity of the networking and connections between our member leaders and their peers at these smaller events, Citygate Network seeks to limit the attendees and avoid oversaturation from those seeking their business. This exclusivity contributes to the overall success, sustainability, and relationships developed at these gatherings. 

Thank you for understanding the delicate balance we seek to maintain in creating an environment that fosters synergy among the participants.


Online registration is not available at this time.