Listed below are articles and other links we have been adding to the 2020 Coronavirus Tool Kit page. Please note that some of these links will take you off of the Citygate Network website.


Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives Webinar
As announced in Street Smart, The Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has focused on Mental Health in a Time of COVID-19 over the last several weeks. The next session will focus on "Connecting Spirituality to Mental Health Services in the Midst of the Crisis."
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CDC Checklist for Homeless Service Providers During Community Re-opening
New guidance has been released specifically for those who work with the homeless population in the midst of the COVID-19 reopening phases. The new checklist includes important considerations for service delivery as the surrounding community reopens, and your guests resume interacting with the public.


The SBA has released its first draft of the loan forgiveness application, and we’ve gathered a couple articles released by some of our trusted sources this week to help you navigate the process.
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With several options to choose from in terms of determining the timing of your eight-week period, you’ll want to review the information carefully to see what works best for your organization and ensure you meet the specific criteria. Guidelines from the SBA have not always been communicated clearly, and undoubtedly things will continue to change over the next few days/weeks, but this will get you started.

On May 19, 2020, President Trump signed an Executive Order intended to help slash red tape in an effort to revitalize the economy and get Americans back to work. He directs agencies to use all emergency authorities to identify regulations that can be rescinded or temporarily waived to promote job creation and economic growth. Additionally, the President is directing agencies not to over-enforce when a business is working in good faith to follow the law.
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California’s Operation Roomkey leased 15,000 rooms at various locations around the state to get homeless people off the streets, or in quarantine, during the pandemic. More than a month into the program, 7,700 of the rooms remain vacant. In some counties, the program has been stymied by a shortage of staff to care for the homeless residents or provide services and case management. In San Francisco, local authorities went so far as to provide the guests with alcohol and drugs to keep them from leaving their rooms and going out onto the streets. Recently, the LA mayor has moved toward not bringing homeless people indoors because of the greater risk of infection feared by congregating them.
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You Should Look at the Farmers to Family Food Box Program
The U.S.D.A. is working to keep farmers and producers in business and distribute the food that would normally go to restaurants, etc. to families in need.
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COVID-19 Claiming More Lives Than Just Those Infected with the Virus
As many as 75,000 Americans could die because of substance abuse and suicide as a result of the pandemic.
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COVID-19 Health Risks and Hardship Hitting Certain Segments Harder
People of color are disproportionately impacted by pandemic related issues such as food insecurity and joblessness.
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The SBA clarifies its guidance for faith-based PPP loan recipients
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Read the CDC’s most recent guidance for UNSHELTERED homeless people and COVID-19
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CORRECT LINK: FEMA Announces $200 Million for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program
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?Do you have new questions about your PPP loan?
Citygate Network has heard from a few members who are pondering the words of Secretary Mnuchin’s recent letter and an FAQ sheet, wondering if they should have taken the forgivable loan if their financial condition is not dire at this time. First, consider that if 2020 is anything like 2009, a financially healthy spring does not guarantee a financially healthy fall. Donors adjust their giving based on new norms. Second, please read this memo from Faith & Giving Coalition Executive Director Brian Walsh. This is our advice at the moment. We will let you know when a clarification or new guidance is given (prior to May 7).
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President Trump signs executive order protecting the nation’s food chain
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New PSA Available
PSA Video from Mike Lindell is available now for promotional use
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Attorney General William Barr issued a statement on religious practice and social distancing, plus the DOJ’s filed statement of interest in the Mississippi church case
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The HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Readiness (ASPR) has just released a document on meeting the nutritional needs of at-risk individuals. This might be something your food services department would benefit from seeing.
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Philadelphia member makes the news with how the staff is quarantining
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SBA Money is Flowing Again
The Small Business Administration’s Payroll Protection Program (PPP) has just been replenished. Today, the president signed a bill to put $310 billion more into forgivable or partially forgivable loans. If you previously applied for CARES Act money, but didn’t receive funding, this additional infusion is supposed to make up for the shortfall. If you haven’t applied yet, you can do so now. Keep in mind that $60 billion is set-aside for loans made by mid- and small-sized community banks, credit unions, and institutions that service underserved or low-income communities. Applicants not already working with a willing financial institution may want to consider local community banks, including minority-led banks, credit unions, or your local community development financial institutions. Again, this is available to faith-based organizations.


COVID-19 Protocol and Procedures Document
Miriam Krehbiel, Sr. Director, Supportive Services of Topeka Rescue Mission (TRM) recently shared an exhaustive document detailing her mission's process when interacting with guests during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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9:30 a.m. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just released an updated version of its best practices and strongly advised protocols for all organizations serving homeless populations. This is now “the official rules” in this realm. Please read these closely and use them as your minimum standards. Go over them in a training session with your staff. Print out the posters and place them throughout your facilities. Please let us know if you have any questions.
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New PSA Available
PSA Video from Renée Zellweger is available now for promotional use for member organizations.
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Another good option for masks and face shields is Relief Bed
As of yesterday, 30,000 face masks were in stock. They can produce 500 face shields a day. For more information and pricing, contact Scott Smalling at (253) 312-0653 or
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National Volunteer Week
President Trump declares this week National Volunteer Week
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This Could Be Your COVID-19 Supplies Jackpot
Citygate Network just got connected with a credible, faith-focused group that is bringing PPE and medical supplies—including thermometers and COVID-19 finger-prick antibody test kits—to the U.S. from international manufacturers. (The word family in their name stands for Forget About Me I Love You). They have already fulfilled some very large orders. Their website promises that when you contact them, they will respond the same day. (Note: If you find that a minimum order is beyond your budget, contact another Citygate Network member or collaboration partner in your city and go in on an order together.)
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Read President Trump’s guidelines for Opening Up America Again
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Take a look at one member’s great idea to connect restaurant meals with people in need
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New PSA Available
PSA Video from Jason Gray available now for promotional use for member organizations.
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HHS Partnership Center
The HHS Partnership Center (Faith and Opportunity Initiatives) just updated their document on Faith, Community, and Mental Health
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FEMA Funding
Step-by-step guidance for missions seeking FEMA funding when working with camps and other entities doing auxiliary housing
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Member Mission Featured on TV
Looking at the effects of Coronavirus on homeless populations, Dateline Australia featured Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles in a recent 30-minute episode, following CEO Andy Bales (a Citygate Network board member) on a typical day at work
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Mental Health PDF
The Partnership Center (Faith and Opportunity Initiatives) at HHS just released resources for those dealing with mental health issues during the COVID-19 crisis

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Face Mask Availability
ATTENTION MEMBERS: If you are looking for face masks and can’t wait for backorders to be filled, here are two options:

1) Xavier Warren (a friend of Citygate Network) had 60,000 masks earlier this week. (His inventory is probably a lot less by now.) He is selling them for .75 ea. Call him at 434-228-1077 for details on how to order.

2) Our friends at Denver Mattress Company have retooled part of their factory to now make face masks. You can learn about it here. They are selling them at their cost, which right now is $3.50 each. They come in packages of 30. (As they perfect their process, they expect the unit price to come down.) They can also do cases of 1,800 masks. They also have face shields for $5 each. You can order by emailing Lori Wheeler. Depending on current orders, they can usually ship within two days.


What can easily happen in the homeless community without assistance and instruction
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Promotional Video Page Now Live
PSA Video from Jeff Foxworthy now available for promotional use for member organizations.
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Bob Gehman shares what HUM is doing and how stakeholders can help. Also watch a video of what volunteers can do while at home—making washable masks for front-line helpers and guests.
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Weekly Coronavirus Reporting Form
Various government agencies are asking us to inform them of new cases of COVID-19 that develop in our member organizations.
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Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Checklist
This checklist has been prepared by Stewardship Matters and is based on applications from various banks. It contains every document that has been requested.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Participation of Faith-Based Organizations in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) from the U. S. Small Business Association

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For those members still with concerns about CARES Act money, Citygate Network’s attorney provides legal opinion

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Hard to find supplies are now easier to acquire using Citygate Network business partner
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NAE calls Christians to a day of fasting and prayer (April 10)
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Democrat and Republican Whips send bipartisan letter to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin calling for houses of worship to be included in CARES Act funding

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CDC provides Coronavirus-related screening tool for homeless services providers
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Learn how to take advantage of grants and loans in the CARES Act to keep your mission or ministry operating
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Member recommended resource for HHS approved masks

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One of New York’s leading physicians gives advice and insights on home-produced video about keeping your family and friends safe from COVID-19
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HHS has just revised their Recommended Preventative Practices for Faith-Based Leaders
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See how the Coronavirus CARES Act can benefit you mission or ministry
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CARES Act has potentially good news for Citygate Network members

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Possible Christian camp solution idea sent to members
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Critical Information For US Citizens Stranded Around the Globe: The following document was provided by the U.S. Department of State on March 24, 2020 and provides travel guidance for U.S. Citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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There’s still time to weigh in on the stimulus bill

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In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the U.S. Census Bureau has adjusted 2020 Census operations.

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Our friends at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Partnership Center (Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives), Shannon Royce and Ben O’Dell—both of whom spoke to attendees at our recent DC Forum—have just produced one of the best resources we’ve seen on recommended practices regarding COVID-19. It is written specifically for faith-based service providers. Access it here and pass it on to your staff.

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Citygate Network mentioned in Religious News Service press release
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell includes universal charitable deduction in stimulus bill. ACTION NEEDED

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Citygate Network exploring Christian camps and conference centers as a Coronavirus quarantine solution

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Citygate Network one of 140 national organizations petitioning Congress for economic relief in the nonprofit sector.

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Washington mission talks about handling COVID-19 guest and dealing with exposures
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SAMHSA providing guidance to ensure substance abuse treatment services are uninterrupted during public health emergency

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Census Bureau hitting pause button on all field operations for two weeks.
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