2023 DC Forum







Bruce Berglund

Bruce Berglund has served as a successful professional fundraiser in the fields of higher education, arts and culture, and social services for almost 30 years. Prior to founding and leading the DBD Group (formerly known as Donor by Design Group), Bruce worked in philanthropy and resource development for many years with the YMCA. A member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), he is a highly sought-after writer, speaker, and teacher, and currently manages more than $3 billion in capital, annual, and endowment campaigns for nonprofits, churches, and educational institutions.

Tom De Vries

Tom steps into the role of Citygate Network president on August 1. He has previously served as a church multiplication movement leader and pastor, as well as the general secretary of the Reformed Church in America. Most recently, Tom filled the president/CEO role at the Global Leadership Network (GLN), and international ministry producing training and equipping through the Global Leadership Summit. He has a track record of innovation, strategic planning, and leading high-performance teams for increasing ministry impact.

Holly L. Geyer, M.D.

The Addiction Re-awakening
Holly Geyer works with people bound in addiction every day. Sound familiar? Rather than in a rescue mission or recovery center, Holly is an addiction medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic. Armed with research and experience, she states: “The number one cause of death in adults under 45 is accidental death from drug addiction.” As a highly published doctor, in addition to her clinical activities, Holly will talk about the latest research regarding the science behind addiction and how ongoing and increased addictive behaviors can be addressed through treating the person as a whole: mind, body and spirit.

Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin serves as the Grand Canyon University (GCU) pastor, vice-president of student affairs, and dean of students. He leads and supports a variety of teams dedicated to the growth and well-being of the university community, always seeking opportunities to engage college students and work with young leaders committed to impacting the world by making a difference in the lives of those they serve. Tim has served at GCU since 2010 and has an extensive background in leadership roles, ranging from local church pastor and marketplace chaplain to university administrator.

Jason Jaggard

Jason Jaggard is an entrepreneur, coach, and author dedicated to inspiring a community of the world’s best leaders and teams to go beyond high performance. He founded and leads Novus Global and also co-founded The Meta Performance Institute, a non-traditional incubator for world-class coaching, leadership, and management. Jason is also the executive producer and primary host for the award-winning Beyond High Performance Podcast His first book, Spark: Transform Your World One Risk at a Time, can be found wherever books are sold. His articles have appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Market Watch, and The Global Leadership Network.

Cal Jernigan

Cal Jernigan has worked at Central Christian Church since 1987, starting out as a youth pastor before moving into the role of senior pastor in 1999. His calling has led him to build a bipartisan church where the love of Christ is greater than any other affiliation. Cal focuses on learning to love the “other,” not just the tight-knit group with shared values. He recently traveled to Abu Dhabi to meet with other religious leaders, including pastors, imams, and rabbis, to help create peace among Muslim countries, and the Vatican to discuss unity between Protestants and Catholics.

Bob Logan

Bob Logan attended seven schools in his first 12 years of life as the son of an Air Force fighter pilot. That taught him that change can be a good, and sometimes exciting, thing. Early on, Bob worked as a teacher and football coach before moving into the corporate world. For 28 years, he served in a senior-level capacity at the University of Arizona. With the diversity in his effective career, Bob has honed a deep understanding of people and success.

Robert F. Loggins

Robert Loggins calls himself a Mississippi native. Robert has used his education and training to minister to the spiritual needs of those he encounters in churches, camps, NFL locker rooms, hospital waiting rooms, and anywhere else the Lord calls him. He currently pastors a small church in Missouri and serves as Citygate Network's minister-at-large.

Jon Ruybalid

Providing legal counsel for nonprofits, social enterprise ventures, and entrepreneurs, Jon has worked with many nonprofit ministries to establish global business and mission related activities. He functions as a legal architect for structuring effective ministry legal models, managing risk, and assisting in developing practical ministry effective policies and practices and collaborative relationships among and for missions and ministries.

Rob Wallstrom

Rob Wallstrom stepped in the role of CEO at Vera Bradley in 2013 when he had virtually no knowledge of the purse and luggage accessory brand. As the first non-family member to run the company, Rob spent the last 10 years at the helm of the company in the top spot of the Forbes list of America’s Best Midsize Employers. This year he made waves as he stepped down to attend seminary, with the goal to do some speaking, writing, and “hopefully inspire some people” to live out their full calling.