2021 DC Forum






Rick Franklin  

Rick Franklin

During seven years as vice-president for the Arrow Leadership Program™, Rick has honed and cultivated his passion to develop Christian leaders. With a BA, MDiv, ThM, and PhD under his belt, he has worked in ministry for 35 years in parachurch, church, teaching, and consulting roles, both domestically and internationally. A valued business member since 2018, Arrow Leadership works with numerous Citygate Network missions and ministries all over North America.


Brian Kreeger

Brian—an author, speaker, and nonprofit consultant—founded a faith-based, free health clinic before some missteps resulted in his own leadership fall. Drawing on that experience, he now helps other Christian leaders protect themselves against the temptations they face. In his new book, The Courageous Ask, Brian provides a comprehensive guide for leaders and boards to use in overcoming their toughest challenges.


James Li

After winning multiple world championships in martial arts and choreographing fight scenes for numerous blockbuster films, James met Jesus and turned his attention to servanthood. Operating as head of security for more than 1,000 concerts and special events, as well as for a mega-church in Florida, James also speaks and provides security consultation for ministries and churches across the country.


Robert Loggins

A Mississippi native, Robert has used his education and training to minister to the spiritual needs of those he encounters in churches, camps, NFL locker rooms, hospital waiting rooms, and anywhere else the Lord calls him. He leads RFLoggins Ministries from Missouri and serves as Citygate Network's minister-at-large.


Al Lopus

As co-founder of Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI), Al thrives on providing research-based measurement tools and strategic advice for Christian organizations to create healthy work environments. His new book, Road to Flourishing, uses case studies, behind-the-scenes revelations, and enlightening personal anecdotes to explore the eight keys to boosting employee engagement and well-being.


Jill Pable

A professor in the Interior Architecture & Design Department at Florida State University, Jill focuses her NCIDQ-certified interior design work on creating healthy environments for people facing trauma. She founded the nonprofit, Design Resources for Homelessness Initiative, to offer research-informed material for those building facilities for people experiencing homelessness. Jill recently published Homelessness and the Built Environment.


Jon Ruybalid

Jon provides legal counsel and business guidance to nonprofits, social enterprise ventures, and entrepreneurs. As an architect of effective ministry legal models, Jon is a valuable resource for missions and ministries looking to manage risk, develop effective policies and practices, and build collaborative relationships.


Gabriel Salguero

Gabriel pastors a multi-ethnic congregation in Orlando and also founded and leads the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NALEC), which represents several thousand evangelical congregations across the U.S. He provides an important voice amid ever-growing diversity, and he has written extensively on Latino evangelicalism, immigration, racism, and multicultural communities.


Becca Spradlin

As the founder of On Mission, Becca uses her many years of experience to consult in the areas of executive facilitation, organizational assessment, and strategic planning. After working with Mission Drift author Peter Greer at HOPE International, she co-authored the Mission True Workbook, an interactive guide providing leaders with practical next steps to keep their organizations from drifting away from their missions.