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Men's Residence Center Executive Director

Purpose of Position:

The Executive Director of the Men’s Residence Center is a member of the ERM’s Executive Leadership team. The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership, direction, and organization of the entire Men’s Residence Center. The MRC is a multifaceted operation requiring knowledge of homelessness in the community.

The Executive Director shall responsibly plan, organize, develop, coordinate, and direct all aspects of the Men’s Residence Center in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, standards, guidelines, and regulations. The Executive Director is responsible for making daily operating decisions and executing tasks by providing direct supervision and support. The Executive Director must effectively coordinate division efforts with other Division Directors, stakeholders, grant monitors and research analysts in order to carry out the mission of the Evansville Rescue Mission. The Executive Director performs other functions as designated by the President / Chief Executive Officer of the Evansville Rescue Mission. The Executive Director understands, adheres to, and enforces the policies and procedures of the Evansville Rescue Mission.

Specific Position Responsibilities:

1.) Responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of the Men’s Residence Center’s policies and procedures based on sound management practices and guidelines.
2.) Develops procedures, programs and policies to assure efficient and implement new procedures in the division.
3.) Establish annual goals consistent with the Strategic Plan, utilizing evidence based practices and monitor the adherence and progress of each goal.
4.) Work closely with the President / CEO and other divisional leaders preparing and submitting complete budget and human resource plans, and maintaining appropriate controls.
5.) Work closely with Human Resources to create the most effective, efficient work environment possible.
6.) Provides quality service that continuously improves, meets or exceeds public expectations, and ensures all are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.
7.) Represent the Men’s Residence Center.
8.) Develop an organizational structure for the office to ensure expeditious and effective handling of investigations, reports, supervision of residence, and other matters.
9.) Ensures that established organizational structure and individual roles are respected and maintained within the ministry, or are altered as needed when in the best interests of the ministry.
10.) Promotes and maintains conditions that encourage staff loyalty, enthusiasm, and morale; ensures organizational and individual compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity and ERM philosophies and practices, and with the established ethical code of conduct.
11.) Ensures that communications and the flow of information within the division are maintained in a consistent and open manner; confers regularly with immediate staff, conducts periodic management meetings, and conducts periodic general staff meetings or provides timely and accurate informational bulletins to staff members as appropriate.
12.) Provides for the systematic evaluation and audit of administrative and technical operations to ensure the quality of services meets organization standards.
13.) Monitors program and operation implementation, development, and evaluation.
14.) Provides guidance in the development and preparation of submissions for new programs and procedures.
15.) Performs other tasks and work as assigned and/or required by the President / CEO.

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Exempt
Category:  CEO/Executive Director

10/31/2023 9:29:15 AM

Job Contact:
Taylor Gorman
(812) 421-3800

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610 E. Walnut Street
Evansville, IN 47713

(812) 421-3800

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