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Salt Lake City Mission

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1151 South Redwood Road
Suite 106
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Contact Information

Phone:    (801) 355-6310


At the Salt Lake City Mission we Provide Real Change, not just spare change through our programs and services
Mission Statement
The Salt Lake City Mission is a Non-Denominational Church Rescue Mission Ministry that serves and offers services to the Homeless, Impoverished, and all those who have a genuine need, regardless of race, creed, religion, sex, age, or national origin.
o We do this by providing food, shelter, clothing, crisis intervention and counseling, vocational support i.e. resume building, telephone messaging, call services, referrals, references, etc.; we also offer help with obtaining Id’s, Driver’s Licenses and Birth Certificates.
o We also offer educational and substance abuse counseling and Bible Studies through our “Up-Word Motion” and “Second Chance Ranch” Programs; which deal with multiple issues from anger management to parenting and building positive, healthy relationships.
o We ultimately hope and pray for the lives of those we serve to be transformed through the love and power of Jesus Christ.
Salt Lake City Mission - Objectives
1. Outreach: By meeting the needs through Breakfast Monday-Saturday rain or shine and Events on all the major holidays where food and clothing are distributed we then will be able to help with the true causes which come from within.
2. Feeding: Sack Lunches prepared and handed out daily. Meals prepared and served daily at outreach and facility. Food boxes made and handed out to individuals and families that need them (no restrictions).
3. Acceptance: Open door to all who seek and need help no matter race, creed, religion, or nationality.
4. Sheltering: Emergency and long-term Housing facilities for men, women, and families to live and stay.
5. Caring: Counseling available for individuals, couples, and families. Medical and Dental assistance available.
6. Rehabilitation: “Up-Words Motion” and “Second Chance Ranch” Programs.
7. Discipleship: Morning Devotions and Prayer, Morning and Afternoon Bible Studies. Chapel Services. Christian Studies and Degrees from “The Sure Foundation Theological Institute.”
8. Self-Sufficiency: Vocational Counseling and Resume Building. Assistance getting Driver’s License and Identification Card. Phones made available to use. Job available selling our newspaper for extra money. Opportunities to advance in the mission for those who choose to stay.
9. Re-Establish: Offer every resource that we have to allow every person that comes to us to find a new dedicated life in Christ.
Salt Lake City Mission - Distinctives
 We provide food – Breakfast and a sack lunch Monday-Saturday behind the Road Home Shelter from our mobile outreach unit that served over 61,171 meals throughout the year. Held special “All Day Outreaches” at Pioneer Park on Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, where we serve over 6,125 hot prepared meals.
 We provide over 1,000 Turkey Baskets for Thanksgiving with all the trimmings to families in need. We hold an All Day Thanksgiving Outreach where we serve over 1600 hot turkey dinners with all the trimmings.
 We provide over 1,000 Christmas Boxes with Turkeys, Hams, Trimmings and Toys with Eagle Ranch to needy households. On Christmas Day we serve nearly 2,000 hot Ham dinners and hand out 2,000 wrapped Christmas presents to the needy and homeless children.
 We Served an All Day New Year’s Day meal to over 2,000 needy and homeless.
 We distributed over 2,250 pantry style meals through food boxes to needy families and individuals.
 We provided over 65,809 pieces of clothing, household goods, furniture, and appliances to over 6,000 people in need. We accomplished this through our Morning Outreach, Holiday Outreaches, and everyday services that we provide to help those in need.
 We average 20 men in our “Up-Words Motion” and “Second Chance Ranch” Long-Term Recovery Programs at one time.
 We have graduated many of these men to self-sufficiency in the community as well as in the mission.
 We have also made it possible for many of our men to receive their Associates Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees from the Sure Foundation Theological Seminary that is available to all of our graduates.
 We have helped facilitate GED’s, Vocational Rehabilitation, and College for our graduates.
 We conduct more than 26,720 hours of Bible Studies, Life Skills and Group Sessions a year. We have conducted more than 3,000 counseling sessions

Services Provided

Critical Care

Day Room for Guests, Onsite Meals for Guests, Food Pantry for the Public, Furniture Bank


Transitional Housing for Men, Transitional Housing for Families

Residential Life-Transformation Programs

Long-Term Drug/Alcohol Recovery for Men, Remote (e.g., farm) Treatment Facilities, Anger Management Ministry

Spiritual Nurture

Chapel Services


Case Management

Children and Youth

Street Kids/Gang-Member Programs

Health Services


GED Classes, Literacy Classes, Tutoring, Life-Skills Training

Career Advancement/Employment

Specific Career Training, Job Readiness Programs

Other Programs and Services

Immigrant Integration, Jail and Prison Ministry, Community/Neighborhood Outreach Program (beyond your facilities)
Breakfast -- The Most Important Meal: Science and research has shown that breakfast it the most important meal of the day. We work hard to provide our clientele with a good Breakfast every morning. Currently, there is only one other service provider in the city that offers a breakfast to the homeless, of the over 2,000 to 3,000 homeless in Salt Lake City. We feed the homeless every day, 5 days a week! We serve breakfast every morning Monday thru Friday to homeless people! Note:  Because we don't want to duplicate the efforts of St. Vincents that serves a Saturday morning brunch and Eagle Ranch (Jenny Dudley) that feeds breakfast every Sunday morning under the 5th south viaduct. Clothing Assistance: Clothing is a basic essential human need. Without it we would surely die of exposure. But our clientele can't afford to go to a thrift store and buy warm clothing, shoes, coats, jackets, blankets or sleeping bags, or other items they need. That's why we work so hard to provide these essentials they so desperately need. Individual and Family Crisis Counseling and Crisis Intervention: Some situations just can't wait for an appointment minutes, hours, days, or weeks away. That's why we offer our clientele immediate Crisis Counseling and Crisis Intervention when they need it the most. We offer experienced and seasoned Pastors, Chaplain, Counsellors, Psychologist and Veteran Liaison on staff as well as various professionals we refer individuals and families to for the best help possible.   Education Assistance: We offer our clientele Education Assistance from simple tasks, like how to apply for a job and fill out a job application, to complex tasks like helping them get their G.E.D. or even getting into College. Through our "After Care Program" we also offer assistance with books, fees and tuition.   College Assistance: We offer our program clients College Opportunities through Sure Foundation Theological Seminary to get their Associate Degrees during Phase 2 and their Bachelor Degrees Phase 3 of their program. We also assist with local Colleges and Universities Career Opportunities to assist our program clients to pursue the Career of their choice. Through our "After Care Program" we also offer assistance with books, fees and tuition. The "Least Among Us": We work really hard to have a very Safe places for the homeless, volunteers, staff and the poor, sick, needy, ect., to come to. Other shelters have rules about the types of people they can and cannot serve including refusing to serve ie., people without ID's cannot receive service, ect. We try to be very accepting, no matter how desperate a person's situation. On December 26, 1996, a wet drunken man was dropped off by the police as he would have frozen to death and we were the only facility who would take him. This was also the same day the police served us with the now famous Christmas present (Citation #C505727). Emergency Food Boxes: We offer emergency food boxes to all with a genuine need and fill the as far as our limited supplies and staffing ability allows. Our main ministry is to the homeless but extends to all of those in need.   Food Pantry: We Offer a Food Pantry to individuals and families in need. The Food Pantry is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM and 11:00 AM 4:30 PM and on Sunday's from 9:00AM to 10:30 AM and 1:45 PM to 3:00 PM Hygiene Items: Hygiene Items are basic essential human needs. Without hygiene items the homeless would get ill and possibly die. That's another reason we work so hard to make sure that they have these basic essential hygiene items i.e., soap, shampoo, deodorant, razors, tooth paste, tooth brushes, hand cream, combs, and even a haircut. Recovery/Discipleship Programs: "UpWord Motions" and "Second Chance Ranch.": We have two successful (Discipleship/Recovery Programs) New Life Recovery Programs presently for men & women. This gives the men and women who have life controlling problems a place, the tools and the help that they need to have victory over their addiction or life controlling problems. Through our After Care Program we also help them with jobs, apartment and the transition between.   Work Therapy: We offer our program clients Work Therapy to help them overcome the dysfunctionalities and problems that keep from being employable. Dysfunctionalities and problems that living in survival mode for prolong periods of time creates, drug, alcohol addiction and other addictions creates, and prolonged incarceration in jails and prisons and the institutionalization it creates, and that chronic homelessness also causes.   Employment & Business Opportunities: To Help Stop Panhandling and Educate the Commuity On The Plight and Causes of Homelessness: We provide anyone in need with the opportunity to become a Salt Lake Street News Vendor and be their own boss owning their own business and Vend the Salt Lake Street Newspapers at any public location in the Greater Salt Lake Area. We provide them with 40 or more papers, training and a Salt Lake Street News Vendor ID Badge to get started.   Christian Morning Devotionals: Every morning Monday through Saturday at 7:00 AM, we have a Christian Morning Devotional. This helps all attending to get their morning started right, with their minds renewed with the keys to prosperity and success. Joshua 1:8 Christian Bible Studies and Life Skills Classes: We offer Christian Bible Studies and Life Skills Classes in English every morning Monday through Friday at 9:30 AM and every afternoon Monday through Thursday 12:30 PM. These Life Skills Class and Bible Studies help to equip and empower the homeless to apply the Word of God to their lives, circumstances and problems, and attain victory over them.   After Care "Because We Really Do Care": We offer our program graduates After Care to assist them in the transition period upon reentering into the community building support groups and support systems to help them stay productive tax paying citizens and an asset to the community. Salt Lake City Mission Prison and Jail Out-Reach: Salt Lake City Mission has partnered with Prison Fellowship and other prison and jail ministries. So we can reach even more prisoners. We reach out beyond skid row to the Prisons and Jails. Our Staff Members help to recruit and Prison Fellowship train the volunteers to go visit and Minister to the inmates in Prisons and Jails. We also have referrals and resources for ex-inmates, victims and their families.