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Ripple Effect Details

Understanding How the Program Works

Note: The details below relate specifically to the full 12-month program. Ripple Effect may occasionally be offered as a two-day event, with an optional coaching add-on.


The full Ripple Effect program is a 12-month experience that will include classroom instruction, on-site coach visits (virtually, if needed), mentor calls, and an online resource library.


Each ministry in the Cohort Sessionprogram is asked to commit to one year of reasonable involvement. At a minimum, the board chair and executive leader should participate in the two-day event, while as many board members as possible should engage in the coaching portions. Ideally, all participating board members should have terms that last at least 12 months beyond the completion of the Ripple Effect program, and the CEO should not be considering transition or retirement within that same timeframe. We want to be sure there is time for the ripples to spread to others in leadership at the organization.


All the participants are expected to complete, collectively as a board, governance documents. These may include a board policy manual, strategic plans, recruitment plans, board orientation documents, and other relevant documents, as needed. Citygate Network realizes that all participants are busy adults with full-time jobs and/or plenty of other family and civic activities. The level of involvement will be reasonable, but commensurate with the degree of advancement the organization is being challenged to achieve.


In the full Ripple Effect program, each participating board gets a coach for the entire period to work with the board and administration. The coaches are executive-level leaders who are experienced in ministry and management. Each one is skilled in the art of tactfully increasing productivity and proficiency.


A number of member ministries have already completed the program. Here is what a few of the participating CEOs and board members had to say:

Whether you’re a struggling, young mission, or a mature mission…this program is for you.
—Phil Altmeyer, Executive Director, Union Gospel Mission Spokane

The collective wisdom and experience of the faculty is amazing, and they are caring brothers. This may well be one of Citygate Network’s most valuable member benefits.
— Denny Bender, Past Executive Director, Union Rescue Mission of Wichita

We got a wealth of information and practice on how to be an effective board.
— Robin Greenlee, Past Board Chair, Jimmie Hale Mission

My board members felt empowered to continue to do the work and to be a catalyst for changes that they felt were essential to our growth in the future. They learned a lot and are excited to continue the process. All board members should have the opportunity to participate in this training!
— Sylvia Anderson, CEO, Everett Gospel Mission

Thanks for organizing the Ripple Effect program — well done. In 40 years of attending workshops and training sessions, Ripple Effect is the best by far. By having the program continue over nine months while working with a mentor will ensure positive changes take place in a very powerful way.
— Paul Buckley, board vice president, Butte Rescue Mission

Very valuable for the long-term effect and organization of the Great Falls Rescue Mission. It was extremely beneficial for the long-term organization of the board itself.
— Don Spurgeon, board president, Great Falls Rescue Mission
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