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Her Journey, a program based on Psalm 23, is a series of 15 lessons that provides women with a piece of the map to help them find their own way Through the Valley, Past the Shadows, and Into God’s Light. His light brings truth and healing to us and everyone else.

Below are descriptions of each of the 15 lessons. Click here to download a sample of Lesson 1.

Behind Closed Doors (Through the Valley #1)
Introduction to the 15-week program. Focuses on how God sees abuse and divorce in abusive situations. Highlights when it is time to act. Also explains the abuse cycle and lists the many types of abuse and nationwide stats.

Drawing the Line (Through the Valley #2)
Lesson focuses on boundaries, why God wants us to have them, how to draw the line, and where to draw the line. Includes reflection into our families growing up and why we might have difficulties setting boundaries

Me Angry? H--- NO! (Through the Valley #3)
What anger looks like when used by both the abuser and the victim. Focus on anger is just an emotion, but abuse is a choice. We review signs of hidden anger in ourselves and also how God can use anger in our lives. Homework includes asking ourselves questions about our anger.

Starved for Affection (Through the Valley #4)
Focus on those things that may make us feel desperate for love and seek it in unhealthy ways. We look into our families of origin to discover why we have a deep longing for relationships and discuss how to fill this in a healthy and biblical matter. Homework includes journaling about childhood.

Perfect People (Through the Valley #5)
What contributes to perfectionism? We discuss a list of common fears that contribute to our desire to be perfect and compare ourselves to other people. We review Scripture verses that show God’s feelings on the topic and realize that we have to consent to be loved just as we are

Shadows of Death (Past the Shadows #1)
Based on Psalm 23:4, we discuss the death that domestic abuse brings to our lives. We learn how to recognize the top warning signs of depression and the levels of depression and when to seek help. We discuss happiness versus joy and explore how God is the one true source of joy. Homework includes working on a list of self-care activities.

Mind Makeover (Past the Shadows #2)
We discuss the negative things often said repeatedly to a survivor and how to overcome the recordings that can play in our heads for years. Bible verses focus on our thought life and how it affects our beliefs and behavior. We review signs of a mental attack and learn how to renew our minds. Homework includes listing the negative things people have said about us or that we say to ourselves, as well as why each statement is a lie.

Never Alone (Past the Shadows #3)
Understand the difference between alone versus lonely. We talk about the unhealthy ways we connect with others and the cure for loneliness. We also review the elements of a healthy relationship. Homework includes spending time with God, making a list of things we like and dislike, and a list of things that we are good at and enjoy doing.

Submission Versus Oppression (Past the Shadows #4)
We learn how submission and oppression are different. We explain how submission is a gift we give and how it provides order and protection. We discuss when to give our gift of submission away and when we should not.

The Focus Factor (Past the Shadows #5)
A study on the story of Adam and Eve and how each person in the story blamed another for the actions that led to destruction. We discuss the negative effects of focusing on our partners and how focusing on God is the answer to healing our pain.

The Choice is Yours (Into His Light #1)
A discussion about our ability to choose and where our own responsibilities lie. We look at our family of origin and things that might have led to the choices that we make. We discuss how to begin making positive choices and how to allow God to guide and comfort us. Homework includes making a list of choices that we have made that allowed abuse to continue in our lives. And we reflect on our fears and what we would like to change in our lives.

The “F” Word: Forgiveness (Into His Light #2)
When we have been violated, forgiveness can feel like a curse word. And yet, forgiveness is for the benefit of ourselves versus the other party. We discuss what forgiveness is not. (i.e. it does NOT mean we condone the behavior, accept them back into our lives, or let someone off the hook) We learn forgiveness is a choice, a process, and a gift we give that frees us from the pain of the past.

Women of Destiny (Into His Light #3)
We focus on how before we were ever conceived, God had a plan for us and loves us. We review the story of Joseph and how his dreams were crushed multiple times. We talk about our dreams and how we may have forgotten them while we were involved in abuse. Then we discuss how to now move forward with our dreams and give ourselves permission to truly live, taking refuge in Christ.

Embracing True Love (Into His Light #4)
We talk about the three different forms of love listed in the Bible. We discuss what God’s love looks like versus what women experience in abusive relationships. Then we learn to believe the height, depth, and breadth of God’s love.

Walking in His Light (Into His Light #5)
Learn the warning signs to slipping back into an abusive relationship. We create a relapse prevention plan on how to walk in God’s truth, His light, free from abuse.

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