All webinars and video modules are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. PST. Sessions 1–8 are webinar lessons that offer future facilitators a deep understanding of the Her Journey program. The facilitator training modules presented in weeks 9–16 are offered in a monitored video format with chats and live Q&A after each module.

Her Journey Training Schedule

May 22 | Session 1

Behind Closed Doors

May 29 | Session 2

Drawing the Line
  • How to set boundaries
  • Struggles with setting boundaries
  • What’s in your “yard”?
Me Angry? Hell No!
  • Do you have buried anger?
  • Making anger healthy
  • What to do when you’re angry

June 12 | Session 3

Starved for Affection
  • The lie of looking to others for your sense of worth
  • The truth that only God can restore your soul and give a sense of worth
Perfect People
  • Where does perfectionism come from?
  • Biblical definition of perfect versus man’s definition

June 19 | Session 4

Shadows of Death (Depression)
  • Warning signs and contributors of depression
  • What it looks like to choose joy
  • Practical tools to combat depression and choose joy
My Makeover (Renewing your mind)
  • What do you think about yourself? And where does that come from?
  • Combatting negative self-imaging and self-talk and seeing yourself through the eyes of God

June 26 | Session 5

Alone Versus Lonely
  • Being comfortable alone
  • Where is your identity tied to? What’s your responsibility?
  • What healthy relationships look like
Submission Versus Oppression
  • Are you experiencing submission or oppression?
  • What is the purpose of submission?
  • Definition of submit as described in a healthy and godly relationship

July 10 | Session 6

The Effects of Focusing on Your Partner
  • Focusing horizontally on your partner versus focusing vertically toward God
The Choice is Yours (Accountability)
  • God gave us a sound mind and ability to make choices
  • What affects our choices
  • How we are responsible for our own choices, and the obedience to God in difficult decisions

July 17 | Session 7

The F-word (Forgiveness)
  • What forgiveness Isn’t
  • What forgiveness Is (a choice, a gift, and a process)
Women of Destiny Dream Again
  • Joseph’s dreams died numerous times
  • God is already dreaming for us
  • God resurrects our dreams

July 24 | Session 8

Embracing True Love (Biblical Love)
  • An abuser’s representation of “love” is incomplete and damaging
  • God’s love is complete and life-giving
  • Receiving and sharing true love
Walking in God’s Light
  • Recognizing old patterns and ways of thinking
  • Relapse prevention for slippery slopes and hidden messes

Facilitator Training Module Schedule

July 31

Module 1: The Effects of Abuse on Women and Children
  • Learn how many isolated issues are not recognized as effects of the trauma of abused women and children.
  • Understand how violence affects both physical and mental health, even when someone is on the witness of abuse.

August 7

Module 2: Understanding the Mentality of an Abuser
  • Discover top warning signs of an abuser.
  • Review tactics that abusers commonly use and discover how power and control can be misused.
  • Discuss if change is possible for an abuser.

August 14

Module 3: The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Trafficking
  • Many trafficked individuals have abuse in their past or present home.
  • Domestic violence is the number one reason for running away and the entrance into a life of prostitution and addiction.
  • Learn how trafficked individuals might present themselves in a group setting.

August 21

Module 4: Trauma’s Impact on the Brain
  • Understand how brains physically change with abuse and trauma and how to work with those who are struggling.
  • Learn some common “triggered responses” and the best way to deal with each one.
  • Study “The Drama Triangle” and learn what role people most naturally move into, as well as how to change natural inclinations to healthy and helpful responses.

August 28

Module 5: Group Dynamics and Leadership Boundaries with Victims and Completion
  • The do’s and don’ts within a group to best understand how to work with this those who have experienced abuse.
  • Study how to be the most helpful versus using enabling or rescuing techniques.
  • ARMS-approved guidelines for running a Her Journey group,
  • Final quiz and course survey for participants.
  • Completion of training.

NOTE: Her Journey is a women’s-specific course; however, it is highly appropriate for men to attend as it is the first step in training toward providing their men’s intervention course in late 2019 titled ManKind. Fees and participant expectations for ManKind will be comparable.