2019 DC Forum Schedule

Monday, March 11

5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Registration
Hyatt Place Washington, D.C./National Mall


6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Hyatt Place Washington, D.C./National Mall—Meeting Place 4 & 5

Connect with other Citygate Network members and start to engage informally on the issues most important to you.

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Session I: Getting Used to the New Normal in Washington
Hyatt Place Washington, D.C./National Mall—Meeting Place 4 & 5

Following dinner, we’ll have several Washington locals talk about the current political environment and what can be expected throughout 2019. We will also do a review of recent bills that have been signed into law and pending bills that could have a bearing on missions and similar ministries—like prison reform, parking lot income benefit, opioid addiction treatment, violence against women, and more. We’ll also discuss findings in our survey regarding the effects of tax reform on year-end giving in 2018. This session will be an excellent primer for the next two days.

Tuesday, March 12

This day, we will have meetings in various locations, primarily in the Museum of the Bible, located one block from the Hyatt. Citygate Network’s meeting room contract gives DC Forum attendees access to the entire museum throughout the day. If you haven’t seen the amazing and impactful exhibits spread over six floors, you can explore a bit during break times or after sessions conclude.

The Hyatt Place Washington, D.C. has a complimentary breakfast, starting at 6:30 a.m. Other restaurants are located nearby, should you desire to go out. Lunch will be held at the Museum of the Bible. Dinner will be offsite at one of our staff’s favorite DC venues.

Here are the topics and invited speakers for the day. Some speakers have verbally consented but need to wait until the government shutdown ends before they can officially confirm. Should the government shutdown extend through the dates of the forum, most speakers will still be able to participate.


Richard Youngblood
Director of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Department of Housing and Urban Development
Katie Sullivan
Acting Director, Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women
Shirley Hoogstra
President, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
Brian Walsh
President, Civil Rights Research Center
Barbara Duffield
Executive Director, SchoolHouse Connection
Jonathan Ruybalid
Nonprofit Law Attorney
Doug Lamborn (Invited)
U.S. Congressman, State of Colorado
Kevin McCarthy (Invited)
U.S. Congressman and House Minority Leader, State of California


Is Fairness for All the Way to Go?
Proposed legislation is being negotiated between religious rights advocates and human rights advocates that could give the LGBTQ community basic freedoms but also preserve significant religious liberty. However, it is not without its objectors on both sides. Learn how this bill is being crafted and how it could affect accommodation- and housing-based ministries—and what might happen if it doesn’t pass.              
What Personnel Changes at HUD Mean for Housing First
The recent departure of key staff at the Department of Housing and Urban Development could signal some policy changes and new approaches to dealing with homelessness—some that would give more credence to faith-based organizations doing life-transformation ministries. Discover what’s in the works and what opportunities it could present for you.
Tweaking the Tax Codes for 2019 and Beyond
The tax reform bill, as it was passed, sidestepped some of the long-standing charitable contribution incentive. Both the Senate and the House considered amendments to protect it, but no modifications made it into the final bill. Faith-based organizations are now looking at their year-end giving to determine if projections made about charitable giving without the incentives (as there were previously applied) have actually come to pass—and if so, what can be done about it. We will share findings from our Citygate Network survey and talk about plans to reintroduce the “universal deduction” into the tax codes.  
Giving Children and Youth the Attention They Deserve
Department of Education data shows that there are more homeless kids than HUD reports in its entire PIT count. It’s a confirmed fact that numerous vulnerable children and youth are homeless and temporarily staying with friends, living in vehicles, or living on the streets in not-so-obvious places. Being out of the loop, they miss out on access to critical services. The Homeless Children and Youth Act will attempt to get all departments of the government working with the same numbers, and it will open up services to all who need it. Learn what this act, as it is being revised, can mean for your organization.
Combatting Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Sex Trafficking 
In this session we will discuss the important work of the Office on Violence Against Women to reduce violent crime and protect victims. We will gain insights into the essential role of local communities and service providers in national efforts to end violence against women. 
Three Bills You Need to Be Watching
We will talk about three bills that are gaining traction with new leadership in the House of Representatives and how they could impact life-transformation ministry. We will give you talking points for discussing these with your lawmakers and help you underscore the value you of what you do and how these bills could inhibit your progress. 
Inside the Beltway Q&A
We’ll have some of the best thinkers on government relations issues in the room, so take the floor and ask your most pressing questions. It can be on matters already presented or on something totally different that concerns you. If we don’t have someone on hand with the answer, we’ll do our best to get an answer before the session is finished. 
How to Discusses Matters with Your Lawmakers 
This is the session that will prepare you for discussion with the public servants you will be meeting the next day. It will cover how to introduce yourself and your mission/ministry, how to present your case in a way that will be remembered, faux pas to avoid, the best methods for follow-up, how to bless your lawmaker and his or her staff, and much more. You can use this information in Washington, your own state capital, or on location at your missions/ministry. 

Wednesday, March 13

This day is filled with pre-arranged appointments with lawmakers and/or their staff in Senate and House office buildings. In most cases, attendees will meet with staff members (e.g., legislative directors, legislative assistants, etc.) who have the job of clearly articulating both your thanks and concerns to the elected representative for whom they work. (If Citygate Network handled the meeting arrangement, the schedule will be available on-site.)

Citygate Network staff will be available to assist and/or accompany attendees to appointments. Meeting and connection points throughout the day will be given.

Rates and Registration

Our discounted rate at Hyatt Place is $289, and this includes a hot breakfast. Please make your reservation here.

Registration is $395 and can be made here.