January 30, 2024

/pre'val/ verb to gain control or influence, overcome, to become effective, to gain the advantage or mastery, to exist widely, be prevalent

What does it mean to prevail?

In our North American environments, we often think of prevailing as coming out on top – or winning. When we read Jesus’ prophetic words in Matthew 16:18, we want to applaud the fact that Jesus tells us that our side is triumphant. If you know the outcome before the end of the book, it is easy to function with a sense of superiority, authority, power, or advantage.

The Greek word that translates Jesus’ expression in this well-known verse refers not just to prevailing but prevailing against. It provides us with a picture of pushing back against forces that are trying to overcome it. The verbiage presumes a battle going on with powerful action being exerted both directions.

You and I both know that the battle waging around us is not one of flesh and blood. It is truly a supernatural conflict that reflects powers and principalities that go beyond this world. As leaders in our movement, not only are you active in the battle, you are tasked with leading and influencing in order to prevail against; so we can push back against forces that desire our defeat; and not just ours, but those around us whom we serve and minister to in Jesus’ name.

I’m grateful to have been invited into Citygate Network and be on this incredible journey together. Thank you for the privilege of serving with you. 2Prevail will become our monthly dialogue as we discover together what it means to grow, learn, and influence as a president, CEO, or executive director within our movement. I hope that when you receive this communication, you will feel free to reflect and respond to me personally with your own thoughts, musings, and deliberations.

2Prevail is more than a witty, amusing, or trite descriptor for an email blast from Citygate Network. It is intended to help us grow and gain control and influence in the leadership positions we occupy, to overcome the challenges and difficulties that face us daily in our ministries and missions, to increase our effectiveness, to improve our mastery or advantage, and to expand the prevalence of the ministry responsibilities God has entrusted to us.

Take a moment and think deeply:

What does it mean for you to prevail in your leadership?

What does it mean for your mission or ministry to prevail?

What does it mean for your leadership team or staff to prevail?

What does it mean for your Board of Directors to prevail?

What does it mean for your clients and guests to prevail?

What does it mean for those in your addiction recovery program to prevail?

What does it mean for those who come to you for help with mental health issues to prevail?

What does it mean for a single mom and her three kids that have sought out your mission for shelter to prevail?

What does it mean for the hungry who are roaming the streets in your community to prevail?

What does it mean for your church partners to prevail?

What does it mean for Citygate Network to prevail as we push back the forces of darkness who not only plot our demise but desire our destruction?

My hope is to help you, encourage you, coach you, inspire you, embolden you, teach you, reassure you, incite you, support you, comfort you, and assist you as you do the same for me.

One thing I know is that leadership is lonely and the more it can be shared, the easier it is. More joy and fulfillment can be experienced in community. I pray that as we journey and grow together, it will be in our exploration and discovery of what it means to prevail!

Take 2

Each 2Prevail edition will include two points of interest for us as we engage together. They may be informational, reflective, spiritual, leadership focused, or provide some other type of prompting or provocative thought to challenge you or draw you deeper in your faith. They may also give you some information on what Citygate Network is doing or a report on some issue of significance.

Together for the Cause,