Member Spotlight

Miracle Hill

It's #MembershipMonday at #CitygateNetwork and we're highlighting the great work our member missions do every day, like Miracle Hill in Greenville, South Carolina. Check them out at right now!

In Their Words

CN: What is something happening at your mission that you are most grateful for?

Miracle Hill: Going deeper in ministering to the guests that we serve. Three ways in which we’ve gone about doing this recently are:

CN: What is something you are looking forward to and/or praying for?

Miracle Hill: Miracle Hill operates a Foster Care Community in Pumpkintown, SC. The site has historically been home to our Children’s Home. The reimagined property now serves as a refuge for Miracle Hill Foster Families who live in our cottages there and who serve between 4 and 5 foster children in each home. We believe that this is a unique domestic missions opportunity. We are praying that the Lord will provide two additional foster families to occupy our two vacant cottages.

CN: In what ways has being a Citygate Network member been a resource to you and your team?

Miracle Hill: We very much appreciate the networking and training opportunities that come with active participation in Citygate Network. It is easy to wonder sometimes if you are the only ones experiencing some issue or challenge, but when you have a group of other missions that you can engage with you realize that usually the problems and challenges you face are not unique to you. Networking also provides a great opportunity to sound ideas off of one another and to learn from others who have walked in your shoes. Many of our staff participate in routine meetings with colleagues at other missions that they originally met at a Citygate conference or event.

The 300+ organizations in Citygate Network membership seek to move people in desperate situations and destitute conditions (i.e., hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted) from human suffering to human flourishing through the process of gospel-powered life transformation. If you or someone you love is in need of Christ-centered compassion and care, please visit our member locator page today to find a mission near you.

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