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Valley Mission

Valley MissionIt's #MembershipMonday at #CitygateNetwork and we're highlighting the great work our member missions do every day, like Valley Mission in Pocatello, Idaho. Check them out at right now!

In Their Words

CN: What is something happening at your mission that you are most grateful for?

Valley Mission : It is hard to pick just one thing to be most grateful for as God is blessing us at every turn. However, we are most excited right now that God has paved a way for us to begin a Street Reach ministry. He has given us a wonderful partnership to learn about Street Reach from our brothers and sisters at the Topeka Rescue Mission. In November we were able to go to their mission and spend some time learning first hand how these Street Reach Ministries profoundly change lives. Since our return God has made a seamless path for us to launch this program. God has provided the infrastructure, partnerships, equipment, vehicles and favor to put this program in place in just ten weeks! We launched our soft open in January and are officially doing ministry to our neighbors in encampments around town. God is giving us favor with our police, city and peer organizations and we know we are witnessing the beginning of our cities transformation.

Additionally, we are blessed with a community that is excited about collaborating with us on many levels once the facility is open and meeting community needs. God is certainly blessing the work, the volunteers and the continued financial needs.

CN: What is something you are looking forward to and/or praying for?

Valley Mission : We are looking forward to having physical buildings to provide services to our community. While we can do a lot with Street Reach we know that being able to provide shelter and addiction recovery services in house, will take life transformation to the next level.

Please be praying for God’s perfect timing in bringing together all the moving pieces for starting up buildings and programs.

What God has begun continues to flourish into more than what we imagined in the beginning. We know we are not the solution, but pray that we may start a conversation that leads to a cooperative solution for this valley, starting with people connecting to Christ and allowing Him to transform their lives to become all that He created them to be.

CN: In what ways has being a Citygate Network member been a resource to you and your team?

Valley Mission : Citygate has been invaluable to us. Through Citygate Network, we have been able to reach out and gain support for policy development, program development and receiving wise counsel. God continually uses this network to guide us along His path.

The 300+ organizations in Citygate Network membership seek to move people in desperate situations and destitute conditions (i.e., hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted) from human suffering to human flourishing through the process of gospel-powered life transformation. If you or someone you love is in need of Christ-centered compassion and care, please visit our member locator page today to find a mission near you.

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