Increase Engagement with Local Churches and Community Partners

If educating people on risk factors for homelessness or getting communities more engaged at your ministry seems overwhelming, don’t despair! Thanks to the collaboration of Citygate Network Director of Leadership, Learning, and Program Brandan Thomas, Bob Gehman (former CEO at Helping Up Mission), Dr. Roxanne Jordan (Director of programs at Los Angeles Mission), and John Ashmen (former CEO at Citygate Network), alongside Dr. Robert Marbut (former executive director at the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness) we proudly present the No Address: Interactive Study Guide.

No Address Interactive Study Guid

This guide is based on the documentary film, Americans with No Address, and aims to challenge thinking about homelessness and inform volunteers and congregations on how best to help. It offers education and structure that you can share with your church and community partners on how to approach, engage, and serve individuals experiencing homelessness. The study begins with an overview, covering basic terminology, debunking common myths, providing overviews of important data, and discussing key strategies. Each session provides facts, stories, and a Biblical perspective on homelessness, complemented by QR codes for videos, discussion questions, and actionable steps. Check out the trailer here.

As a Citygate Network member, you can take advantage of a special discounted price for group orders. Please contact Rudy Kish ( with the following information: Your contact name, ministry name, and number of copies you want to order. You can also place an individual pre-order on Amazon.

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