Cities Resort to Desperate Measures to Stem the Flow of Migrants

New York Mayor Eric Adams paid a visit to Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia recently to try to dissuade the large number of migrants making their way to the U.S. because so many cities have struggled to accommodate them. "Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not," he said at a press conference in Mexico. "They deserve a more dignified environment than we are able to give." His efforts reflect how critical the immigration debate has become politically.

Republican-led states have argued the case by sending busloads of migrants to “sanctuary cities” in Democrat-led states, but now even Democrats have recognized that the influx has become "untenable." Brandon Johnson, the Democratic mayor of Chicago has plans to visit the southern border in response to the 17,000 migrants that have descended upon that city so far this year.

“It feels like a present-day Ellis Island.” That’s how James Winans, CEO of the Bowery Mission (New York City, New York), described the migrant and asylum seeker center at the Roosevelt Hotel during a tour with Citygate Network President/CEO Tom De Vries. Opened in May, the center has processed over 60,000 new immigrants, many from Venezuela and West Africa. The city has spent over $1 billion to house the influx because of a unique legal obligation to provide shelter to any homeless person who asks for a bed. “It was revealing to see how the people and government of New York City have welcomed and provided for those coming to the United States with no place to go. While it is politically debated, children and families are seeking shelter and security in the midst of their lives of turbulence,” said Tom. Several other cities around the country have also struggled with this trend, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Denver

In the photo above (l to r) Gilford Monrose, Executive Director, Office of Faith-based and Community Partnerships, NYC; Robert De Guzman, Sr. Director, Bowery Mission, Program Effectiveness and Strategy; Karl Chan, Director of Partnerships, Bowery Mission; Laura De Vries, Senior Consultant, DBD Group; Tom De Vries, President/CEO, Citygate Network; Ed Morgan, President Emeritus, Bowery Mission; Kelsie Evans, NYC Department of Homeless Services; James Winans, CEO, Bowery Mission

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