Navigating the Federal Grant Process Could Get Simpler

U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) has introduced bipartisan legislation intended to help streamline federal grant program administration. Due to insufficient resources, the current complicated application process hinders many small and rural communities from applying.

The Streamlining Federal Grants Act seeks to simplify the process, hoping to increase access to federal grant opportunities. Peters first introduced legislation in 2019 via a law requiring federal grant programs to streamline standards for both applications and reporting. That passed the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and the Streamlining Federal Grants Act has now moved to the full senate for consideration.

According to Senator Peters, “Complicated and outdated processes to apply for federal grants often result in underserved communities missing out on opportunities to receive critical funding. This bipartisan legislation will help modernize this process and make sure every community … across the nation has an equal opportunity to receive federal funding.”

Representatives from both sides of the aisle have collaborated to want to require that federal agencies provide better guidance and streamline their grant application processes. Improvements would reduce the burden on applicants, while ensuring fairness and efficiency in the distribution of federal grants in places that have the greatest need.

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