What are your donors trying to tell you about your fundraising? ... And are you listening?

Are you future-proofing your fundraising?

Amid post-pandemic normalizing, a soft year end, and a looming economic recession, are you preparing for the unknown ahead? Your ministry doesn't have to be held hostage to external factors when it plays the bigger and longer game.

On Wednesday, March 8, at 10:30 a.m. MT, DickersonBakker Senior Vice President of Fundraising Solutions Andrew Olsen and Account Director Victoria Mannoia will be co-hosting an interactive webcast event, What are your donors trying to tell you about your fundraising? ...And are you listening?

Let's talk about what's really going on…

Emerging research can paint a grim picture of the future of giving for many nonprofits, but does it have to be that way? Join us as we dig into what the data is really saying and how you can future-proof your fundraising.

Takeaways will include:

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Andrew Olsen


Andrew Olsen, CFRE, Senior VP, Fundraising Solutions

Andrew is on a mission to help leaders increase impact by developing healthy cultures that accelerate revenue growth.Throughout his career, he’s helped more than 500 ministries and other nonprofits raise more than half a billion dollars.

Andrew joins DickersonBakker & Associates as Senior Vice President of Fundraising Solutions.

Victoria Mannoia

Victoria Mannoia, MBA, Account Director

Victoria is an award-winning marketer and fundraiser with a passion for seeing organizations with heart, thrive. Her career started in the nonprofit space, so she understands what it means to live and breathe the mission of an organization while tirelessly pushing forward for greater impact.