From the CEO

Who Fixed the Roof?

This is your busiest time of the year. Your facilities have heavy usage, and there will likely be some breakage and repair work as you continue to serve the multitude that looks to you for critical care. And that’s when the maintenance staff steps in. Are you noticing them?

I am reminded of those who serve in such roles when I think of the healing miracle that Jesus did in Mark 2. You remember the story. Jesus was in a house in Capernaum. The locals found out and packed the place to hear Him preach. A little late, four friends brought a fifth: a paralytic who they believed Jesus could heal. But when they couldn’t gain access via the door, they tore up the roof and lowered him on their homemade stretcher.

Jesus confronts the cynicism of the other rabbis in the room—which is the very interesting core of the story—and eventually tells the man to take up his mat and go home.

The next thing we read, Jesus is out by the lake with another crowd.

But what about the roof? Somebody was left with a mess. After the miracle and ensuing marveling, the focus would naturally have been on the Master, following Him to the next location to learn more. But we never hear about the guy who got stuck with splintered shingles and a gaping hole. He’s the one who couldn’t move on to Jesus’ next demonstration of deity because the gathering clouds dictated a different duty. Standing there on the ladder he was missing the main stage of ministry.

Or was he?

Could it be that the custodial cleanup was just as much a ministry in the mind of the Master as was the earlier message on the authority of the Son of Man? Could it be that he who remained behind to handle the repairs received the biggest blessing of all? I’m convinced that even as Jesus was having supper with the sinners that night at Levi’s house, he was thinking of the repairman still standing on the ladder and honoring him with heavenly rewards.

Ministry at your mission takes all forms. As the executive, it’s your job to publicly recognize that and encourage those who wear the tool belts just as much as those who wear the cardigans. Maybe you should go purchase and share a treat for the person repairing the wiring or the plumbing in the basement. Perhaps you could leave a note of appreciation and a restaurant gift card for the person who will clean your office tonight. Be creative and honor someone today who is “fixing the roof” at your place. In many ways, their work makes your work possible.