Clarification on ECFA's Compliance Review With Virtual Check-in

Many years ago, Citygate Network arranged for the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) to waive their $500 membership application fee for Citygate Network members. As a result, many of our members also benefit from ECFA membership. That organization continues to enhance trust between donors and ministries as it provides important standards that promote accountability and transparency.

In 2019, ECFA introduced a video check-in to ensure that accredited members clearly understand their standards. The process also protects ECFA from having members that may unintentionally be noncompliant but still display the ECFA accreditation logo. This virtual check-in is designed as a more in-depth process for members with revenue exceeding $5 million; entities in membership for five years or more; and those who have never had an onsite visit by an ECFA staff member.

To maximize the video check-in, a series of important documents related to the ministry’s finances, board governance, and stewardship are submitted in advance for ECFA’s review. Following the check-in, ECFA will issue a brief report to the ministry’s board and key staff leaders outlining any next steps needed for compliance with the standards and other helpful recommendations. If you have any questions about this relatively new procedure, you are welcome to contact the program lead, Staci Brown, or see details on the ECFA website.

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