The COVID-19 pandemic, remote work, and the Great Resignation made the age-old challenge of finding and keeping your most talented team members even tougher. On October 20 at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time, we’ll explore a surprising source for employee insight from the world of fundraising, and the donor journey, and customize your own roadmap. We’ll discuss tips for acquisition, onboarding, training and development, as well as cultivating employee engagement to boost retention and build a healthy culture. Register in advance for this free webinar.

The Presenters

Andrew OlsenAndrew Olsen
Andrew’s personal mission is to help leaders increase mission impact by developing healthy cultures that accelerate revenue growth. Throughout his career, he’s helped dozens of ministries and other causes raise over half a billion dollars to change the world. Andrew is convinced that what matters more than anything is the quality and diversity of talent around the table. Talent, not strategy, sets the trajectory for your growth. He’s a two-time best-selling author, and host of the top-rated podcast, The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast.


Megan KlingensmithMegan Klingensmith
Megan is a Pacific Northwest native-SoCal transplant spending her "one wild and precious (professional) life" helping individuals and organizational cultures flourish. She began a career in marketing for nonprofits until diving into the world of HR once she realized the field could be so much more dynamic and transformational than what she'd grown up seeing in pop culture. Professional interests include engaging work cultures, equity+belonging, and HR innovation. Outside of work you'll find her in a coffeeshop, traveling or writing...possibly all at once.

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