Homelessness in L.A. Is Still a Top Story

A Los Angeles television station recently aired a 90-minute documentary telling the history of the city’s homelessness problem, the current conditions, and examining the effectiveness of various solutions, including Project Roomkey, Project Homekey, and Proposition HHH. The commentators—including high-visibility people in Southern California politics and the media—concur that homelessness is the number-one problem in the City of Angels.

They comment on how, from 2011 to 2021, they spent $6.5 billion on the homelessness situation…only to see the problem double in size. Dr. Drew Pinsky makes the following bold statement in the documentary: “Anyone who clings to the notion and the rhetoric around housing as the solution to homelessness…I consider that manslaughter.” The report also features Andy Bales, CEO at Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles, California), Ken Craft, founder and CEO of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission (Mission Hills, California), and Rowan Vansleve, president and CFO of Hope in the Valley.