A Fresh Take on Jesus for Skeptics

A significant new media campaign designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and His relevance in our lives will roll out nationally this month following a successful 10-city market test. The campaign started with a diverse group of billionaires passionate enough about the authentic Jesus to fund the effort via the faith-based nonprofit Servant Foundation.

It features TV commercials, social media, and other interactive spots, showcasing 15- and 30-second videos centered around key themes such as teen pregnancy, anxiety, finances, and other struggles that draw parallels between Jesus’s earthly life and contemporary experiences. During the test run, the campaign far exceeded its 2.2 million engagements goal, and actively responded to millions of questions, comments, and needs.

Each interaction provides an opportunity to connect with someone locally, and the campaign invites churches and parachurch organizations to partner with them in offering local community connections. Not connected to any denomination or ministry, the He Gets Us campaign has already collaborated with YouVersion, OneHope, the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, Alpha, and many others.

Consider: How might your organization engage or partner with this campaign for your community?