Support Faith-Based Childcare Services

Our colleagues at the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance (IRFA) are circulating a letter for Congress, signed by providers and supporters of faith-based childcare and early education. While the expanded investment in childcare and early education in the Build Back Better Act is encouraging, like IRFA, we feel it unnecessarily marginalizes faith-based providers of these important services.

The letter asks Congress to remedy this problem, knowing that the participation of faith-based providers supports the administration’s goals to advance racial equity, upholds the strong faith-adherence among of families of color, and respects the rich history of the provision of these services by communities of faith. Click here to see a brief outline of the issues.

If you are a provider or supporter of faith-based childcare or early education, please join us in signing this letter to Congress, asking for this vital improvement to the Build Back Better Act that the Senate is currently considering. Feel free to forward this message to other supporters of faith-based childcare with your recommendation that they sign the letter. NOTE: While there are many concerns with a bill the size of the Build Back Better Act, it’s likely that some version of it will pass the U.S. Senate. We simply want to make sure that concerns like the one mentioned above are brought to the attention of lawmakers before the gavel sounds.


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