A Thanksgiving Table for Everyone

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

Citygate Network Members Ready to Feed Thousands across the United States

Many missions and ministries are helping move people from destitute circumstances and desperate situations this year, gathering around tables all across North America. These front-line workers offer traditional Thanksgiving meals at their own or community facilities, and many also provide meals to families in their homes. Here is a sample of what Citygate Network members have planned this year:

Citygate Network encourages both the public and its members to help homeless and at-risk families through special holiday events and campaigns this year. “Thousands of generous individuals and businesses provide the means for rescue missions to meet vital needs of individuals and families at risk during the holidays,” notes Citygate Network President John Ashmen.“ Add that to the number of volunteers who make these events possible by donating a few hours of their holiday time, and each Thanksgiving event at a local rescue mission truly becomes a community effort.”

To find out how to donate or volunteer to support homeless and at-risk families in your area this holiday season, please visit our member locator page to find the rescue mission or ministry near you.