New Food Challenges

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many U.S. food banks are experiencing shortages. Thay have already had to deal with an increase in demand for their services because of the pandemic, but now the surge in food prices and availability have also negatively impacted their serving sizes and resulted in unpopular substitutions. For example, the cost of peanut butter has nearly doubled over the last two years. Food banks can’t continue to absorb these increases forever.

Supply chain disruptions, lower inventory, and labor and transportation shortages have all have affected numerous charities and nonprofits who serve the less-fortunate. According to the USDA, which administers the SNAP program, there are no immediate plans for an emergency boost in SNAP benefits to make up for the higher cost of food, but they point to the Biden administration’s push for a permanent increase in SNAP and the free lunches and breakfasts offered at schools as some of the potential solutions available.

Citygate Network members understand how this is a particularly challenging time for meany heading into the holiday season. If you or someone you know is struggling with how to address putting a meal on the table or other issues related to hunger or homelessness, be sure to contact a local member mission or ministry today.

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