Don’t Miss Out on Hiring Veterans

On the job front, many veterans transitioning from military life to civilian life get discouraged because the applicant tracking systems used in most HR departments don’t pick up on terminology used in military resumes. Tools that comb through applications searching for key terms describing the qualities and experience needed for open positions don’t recognize how military roles and responsibilities translate into civilian positions.

That means that the men and women who served in uniform don’t always get the callbacks and interviews. Some employers also harbor conscious and subconscious biases about the military that can affect whether they believe military experience can fit into corporate culture. HR Executive recommends that hiring managers and HR leaders review the language they use and skills they search for before posting a job listing. Employers should recognize that vets develop determination and discipline, and display agility and adaptability, which bring a lot to the civilian work environment.

Consider: How could your HR department make sure they understand the skills and roles used on military resumes?