Returning Veterans; How You Can Help

Whether they were stationed stateside or overseas, many veterans smoothly transition from active military service to civilian employment and life. And many separating from the military after one or more tours of duty in combat zones do successfully start new jobs, re-engage with families, integrate back into society, adjust to civilian life, and navigate veteran benefits and resources.

But for thousands more, it’s a different story—stepping back onto American soil isn't the end of the battle for them. Instead, returning home means the beginning of another kind of battle: A battle for stability in housing, finances, health, and support systems that can all too easily end in homelessness.

Often the hardest part of military life is the transition away from it. Depression, addiction, joblessness, and homelessness are all-too-common. The links below direct to resources that can be helpful as a service member begins to transition to civilian life. Additionally, an article entitled “Veteran Homelessness: The Battle Is Just Beginning,” published in a previous issue of Citygate Network’s Instigate magazine, presents several relevant topics unique to veterans and veterans who struggle with homelessness.

A number of Citygate Network member ministries offer services, specifically for homeless veterans, to keep them safe and help them move forward. You can find one of these ministries near you by searching our directory now.

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US Department of Veterans Affairs Crisis Hotline

Vets First Military Separation Guide

Military Family Resources

Best Jobs for Returning Service Members