Overdose Trends Continue to Escalate

In 2020, more fatal drug overdoses occurred than ever before in history, claiming the lives of tens of thousands of individuals. Current estimates suggest that more than two million people in the U.S. use heroin and almost that many consume opioids without a prescription.

The increased demand means that more and stronger drugs are available illicitly, thereby increasing competition and lowering prices. Research suggests that about 70 percent of those who pursue treatment cannot access help due to cost barriers, a lack of available treatment options, or social stigma. Research has proven that addiction is a recurring brain disease, and relapse is not unusual for many users who turn to drugs sporadically, displaying episodes of controlled and uncontrolled use, in addition to periods of sobriety.

Since fear of arrest and shame leads many to hide their drug use, the risk of fatal overdose increases because no one is around to provide or summon help. What programs have you put in place or partnered with to combat the increasing challenges many of your guests face as a result of their addictions?

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