Citygate Network Member Dealing with Hurricane Ida Aftermath

September 1, 2021

David Bottner, the CEO at New Orleans Mission, let us know that Hurricane Ida did a number on the city. Everything is still pretty much shut down all around them. In their main facility, they have 300 people…and sketchy power. They had a nice generator donated before the storm, but they couldn’t keep it running. A second generator didn’t do much better. They are on their third generator and have been able to keep the freezers operating, water running, air circulating (via some large fans), and enough lights on to allow people to feel safe.

They also have no power in their Lacombe men’s facility where they have 90 men in addiction recovery (north of Lake Pontchartrain). They are trying to get multiple generators to them because they have 11 buildings in use. In their women’s facility, the big problem is air conditioning. Again, generators are needed.

David also said that they are now unable to send Delta variant cases offsite for quarantine because places that have been housing them have been shut down. They are needing to care for them in their own facilities. That has added to the stress.

Here are their biggest needs:

  1. Fuel. They need to keep the generators that they do have running…but there is no fuel in the area. Roads into the city are open but finding any commodities is very difficult because nothing is open. Some of his staff are having to get up at 4:00 a.m. every day and drive to Mississippi to get fuel and bring it back. Unfortunately, they are being told that it could be more than 30 days before they are able to get full power restored.
  2. Prayer. David asks that we pray particularly for the staff because in addition to all the issues they are dealing with at the mission, each staff member has similar needs and concerns at home.
  3. Generators. They could use more generators, particularly if this is going to be a month-long challenge.
  4. Miscellaneous items. David will be sending a list of additional necessities that they can use, if anybody has the ability to deliver them, but the initial list includes:
    1. Coffee and coffee cups
    2. Small rolls of toilet paper
    3. Large heavy duty garbage bags
    4. Laundry soap
    5. Shop fans (42” or larger)

David said they are taking it one bite at a time, and he would be grateful for anything that people can provide. Check back on this webpage for updates. If you can provide assistance or would like to get involved in some way, email Sam Edwards at Citygate Network. He will coordinate with David and his team.

John Ashmen
Citygate Network President