Get ready for #NationalSecondhandWardrobeDay!

Freshen up your closet and reduce your excess clothing by celebrating National Secondhand Wardrobe Day on August 25, 2021!

Have you purchased a piece of clothing and only worn it a few times? That garment still has a lot of life to give! That cozy jacket from last season is waiting to be worn again, so give it a chance when you donate it to a local secondhand shop or thrift store. There is so much you can do simply by shopping or donating clothing. Here are some ways you can celebrate today:

  1. Free up space in your closet and drawers when you get rid of items you’re no longer wearing.
  2. Feel good about the difference you’re making when you donate your gently used clothing items to local consignment and humanitarian organizations.
  3. Try out a new style or freshen up your everyday look with a few eclectic pieces.
  4. Start adding business and business casual pieces to your wardrobe. You can get some great items at a fraction of the cost when you look secondhand.
  5. Secondhand shopping saves you money.
  6. Thrifting has a positive impact on the environment.
  7. Shopping secondhand certainly lead to a closet of some cool new duds.

So head to your favorite thrift store and get some new (old) threads!

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