CDC Clarifies Guidance and Makes Request of Citygate Network

Last week, Dr. Emily Mosites, epidemiologist overseeing the homeless population at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), contacted us to comment on the CDC’s recent mask guidelines for the general public. She wanted Citygate Network members to understand that there are no additional requirements for shelters, as these newest protocols now match what missions and other congregant facilities should already be following. Key recommendations remain the same:

The new guidelines for the general public are a result of growing concerns regarding the Delta variant. This new variant transmits much more easily than the previous strains (although survival rates are extremely high, now equivalent to a typical flu season for unvaccinated people under age 70). And the CDC’s own stats say that only 0.0037 percent of the vaccinated have gotten sick enough to be hospitalized and only 0.00071 percent of those who are vaccinated have died, but recent data also shows that if a vaccinated person does become infected with the Delta variant, they can still transmit it to others.

Dr. Mosites also requested that Citygate Network restart reporting outbreaks. We will comply. Therefore, starting today, please sign-in to the member's only Coronavirus page and make your report Citygate Network Vice President Justin Boles if your ministry has had more than 10 new cases in a seven-day period. As always, Citygate Network is available for discussion and counsel.