Many people with post-traumatic disorders often ask themselves this single question, "Am I crazy?" The inability to control behavior, memory, or the anxious thoughts of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common experience.

In this new book, Steve West deals honestly with his own story of PTSD while addressing with complete honesty what is happening in his head and heart. Others who deal with the disorder will identify with similar thoughts and feelings, making this a book that is sure to impact many souls.

John Ashmen was asked to review this book before its release. In his typical, no-nonsense style, John shares how The Bronze Scar will benefit Citygate Network members, many of whom regularly minister to those who struggle every day with homelessness and mental issues.


I have no doubt that PTSD is one of the reasons we aren’t making more headway in the war against homelessness. Unless we all become fully cognizant of this condition and know how to recognize it in those around us, the anxiety, anger, and shame that Steve West describes will continue to drive far too many of our friends onto the streets and into addictions that will only make things worse. I’m strongly recommending that The Bronze Scar be on the required reading list for all of the leaders of North America’s rescue missions and kindred ministries.
—John Ashmen, President, Citygate Network (formerly the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions)


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