Utilizing Responsive Fundraising to Grow Mission-Critical Funding

Today’s donor lives in a world of personalized experiences, often without realizing it. Savvy companies and nonprofits worldwide utilize technology and consumer insights to deliver highly personalized experiences that build familiarity and trust while driving engagement.

But here’s the thing: Most fundraising tactics you learned and your ministry rely on today ignore this opportunity. As a result, you are likely not realizing the full potential of your development team’s efforts. While the mass, blast, and pray practices have served well in the past, it’s time to look at new tactics of engaging your donors.

With that in mind, we continue our 2021 line-up of educational webinars with Utilizing Responsive Fundraising to Grow Mission-Critical Funding. In this webinar, Noah Barnett, Chief Marketing Officer at Virtuous, and Diane W. Hyland, Major Gifts & Planned Giving Advisor at Mel Trotter Ministries unpacked three trends that will help you take advantage of ministry growth opportunities. Topics included:



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