New Guidelines Released for Vaccinated Populations

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced their new standards for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19. According to their guidelines, those who are two weeks past completed vaccinations can safely visit with other vaccinated people and small groups of unvaccinated people, but should still follow important precautions, including wearing a mask and maintaining proper social distance around those still unvaccinated.

Growing evidence indicates that vaccinated people don’t spread COVID-19, but scientists have not yet determined how long the protection lasts. If fully vaccinated people live in a non-health care congregate setting (e.g., a rescue mission), CDC recommendations call for a 14-day quarantine and testing if exposed to COVID (e.g., at a job site, out on the street, etc.). The risk of infection in social settings is lower for the fully vaccinated, but transmission risk is higher and increases when more unvaccinated people are involved.

You’ll still want to have “rule-out” accommodations at your facility for un-tested new guests so you don’t contaminate your general population. After your “rule-outs” receive a negative test, they can join the COVID-free population.