The “Big Six” Protocols

On a recent COVID-19 Citygate Network member call, Dr. Robert Marbut from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness reiterated that member facilities must maintain “bubbles” where residents and guests are contained as much as possible and protocols are strictly followed. It’s important to take care when allowing volunteers, vendors, and other outside persons into your facility.

Ensure that all persons on your premises are following the “big six” protocols. This is your best defense:

  1. Everyone needs to wear a mask at all times.
  2. Maintain six feet of distance as much as possible (including from one head to the next in sleeping facilities).
  3. Ensure good personal hygiene for staff and guests/clients (including frequent 20-second hot-water-and-soap hand washing and no face touching).
  4. Sanitize facilities thoroughly and often (including door handles, light switches, etc.).
  5. Keep comings-and-goings (people in and out of facilities) to a minimum.
  6. Do not serve congregant meals, rather prepare food boxes that that can be distributed to different locations, including outdoor courtyards where weather permits.

Congregant dining is perhaps the weakest link in our defense right now. If it can’t be avoided, here are two ideas for increasing safety when people have to eat indoors in the same room:

We appreciate all that you're doing to keep people safe and thriving. We regularly pray for God's blessings upon you in the midst of a very long challenge. Keep up the great teamwork. Keep praying. And stay safe.