August 2020: Wildfires Affect Citygate Network Members

Several of our member organizations have notified us of the challenges they face from the numerous wildfires raging around the country, especially in the western states, including California and Colorado. For the most part, smoke has been an issue, affecting the health of guests who are usually outside and not in environment-controlled settings.

But earlier today, we’ve received word that Redwood Gospel Mission (Santa Rosa, California) and the nearby Alliance Redwoods Camp, with whom they have been collaborating to house 80± vulnerable homeless people through the COVID-19 pandemic, are both under mandatory evacuation orders due to the Sonoma County Fire burning in that area. Thanks to arrangements with several churches who have stepped up to provide shelter that allows for continued social distancing, they have been able to continue serving those in their care.

With the large number of fires burning right now, we may not have gotten to you yet, but please feel free to provide us with any input on your situation and updates throughout the weekend as we attempt to track how the conditions are affecting our many members across the U.S.

And please remember these and other ministries already worn thin by the pandemic as you pray.