Lost in TranslationExpanded COVID-19 glossary now available in 18 languages


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 38% of the nation’s population (125.6 million residents) report speaking English “less than very well.” And some of the most linguistically diverse section of our nation were the first to confront Coronavirus.

Now, as cases rise in Florida, Texas, and Arizona where between 20-35% of the populations speak a language other than English, people's safety is literally getting "lost in translation."

In April, Eriksen Translations released a glossary of COVID-19 terms, to help develop multilingual messaging related to the pandemic. Many found it to be a valuable resource, and they have received a number of requests for additional languages.

As the pandemic continues, language barriers should not stand between people and the information they need to keep themselves, their colleagues, and their families safe. We hope this glossary will be helpful as your mission or ministry translates the resources needed to support clients, staff, and the community.

Visit Eriksen's website to access and download a COVID-19 glossary of 150 terms in 18 languages.