Study Shows Donor Giving Preferences Are Shifting

A new study released by Community Brands looks at donor experience and expectations, with an aim to help nonprofits assess what their own donors experience and pinpoint where there’s room for improvement.

According to an article in Associations Now, the study showed that 71 percent of those surveyed have donated on a mobile device during the past year. Younger generations are making most—if not all—of their donations through a mobile device. Because of this, researchers urged organization to no longer put off optimizing their websites and donation forms for mobile donors. 

In addition to surveying donors on their preferences for making online and offline gifts, the study also looked at their behavior, how much follow-up and personalization affects their giving, and the impact that events have on their giving. To the latter point, researchers said, “There’s a special kind of magic that happens at fundraising events,” and the study’s results prove it. In the study, 78 percent of respondents reported feeling “very or somewhat engaged” after attending an event, and 63 percent of respondents reported that they were more likely to financially support a nonprofit after a positive event experience.