2023 Conference Scholarship Application

For many years, Citygate Network has provided the "event of the year" for everyone engaged in life transformation ministry. Thousands have attended and been encouraged, educated, and inspired in their efforts to provide help and hope to poor and powerless people in their cities.

In addition to being a valuable service to members, the Annual Conference is an event that helps to fund Citygate Network. The revenue generated by the conference enables Citygate Network to keep membership dues down. Even though the association is dependent on a profitable conference, we realize that some missions may find it difficult to cover the costs of registration fees, lodging, and/or transportation. 

If you find yourself truly in need of scholarship assistance, please complete the application below, making sure that you meet the criteria. It is the preference of Citygate Network and our donors for your mission to pay a portion of the costs to ensure that everyone has "skin in the game."

Citygate Network is grateful for the companies, individuals, and districts that provide these scholarships. If you receive scholarship assistance, please know that it could come through a number of sources.

The scholarship application period is from February 15 to March 10, 2023. Please fill out the form below to submit your request by close of business on March 10. Email Stacie Hughes if you have any questions.

Scholarship Criteria

Consideration Criteria


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