The following list will give you a good idea of what to expect and will help you prepare for the extensive training opportunities you've come to expect at Citygate Network's Annual Conference and Exposition.

Varied Educational Offerings

Super Seminars

Expanded, In-Depth Sessions

Responding to an Imminent Crisis in Real-Time

The Heart and Science of Major Donor Development

Addiction Recovery Programs of the Future

Merging Transformation, Community Engagement, and Development

Breakthrough Ideas from Our Ministry Road Trip

Client & Culture

Tracking with Global Trends, Legal Issues, and other Critical Ministry Topics

The Emerging Role of the Medical Case Manager

If We Learned Anything from COVID…

Navigating Government Programs to Address Food Insecurity

Race, Poverty, and Homelessness: A Historical and Biblical Perspective

Strategic Thinking

Inspiring Intentionality and Vision for Ministry Leaders at All Levels

Not Just CEOs: Planning for Succession at Every Level

How to Wisely Leverage Government Funding

Taking the ‘Limits’ Off Your Leadership

Cultivating Unity to Transform Relationships and Expand Ministry

Public Image & Branding

Energizing Deeper Community Connections and Collaborative Partnerships

Building Bridges: Meet the Agency Partners Who Didn’t Like Us Before

Setting Your Podcast Apart

Is Your Social Media Too Woke?

More than Words: Reimaging with Murals

Transformational Programming I & II

Inspiring Life­Changing Programs Toward Next­Level Outcomes

Integrating Financial Education into your Mission

Moving from Job Preparedness to Career Development

Is Respite Care Right for Your Ministry?

Mobile Case Management: Expand Your Community Impact

Ending the Cycle: When Domestic Abuse Stops, What’s Next?

Inside the Suicidal Mind

Breaking Free from the Addictive Cycle

Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Resource Development I & II

Rousing Transformational Giving with Cutting­-Edge Strategies

Start-up Fundraising, Part 1

Start-up Fundraising, Part 2

“Dear Younger Fundraiser Me…”

The Anatomy of a Capital Campaign

The Journey of a Legacy Giver

“Ways to Give”: Making Your Website a Top Friendraiser

Persuasive Grant Writing

Boosting Donations with Data Analytics

Operations & Administration I & II

Galvanizing Ministries with Best Practices in HR, Finances, Facilities, and Technology

Accounting as a Trusted Advisor

Trauma-Informed Facility Design

Creating your own legal entities

Budgeting In the Midst of Constant Change

Mitigating Cyber Risk for Your Ministry

Remote Work is Here to Stay—Making it Work for Your Team

Understanding Your Team’s Social Styles

“I’m Burned Out… Bye”

Enterprise & Retail

Catalyzing Entrepreneurial Spirit for Ministry Outcomes and Resource Growth

What’s Old is New Again: The Re-emergence of Thrift

Sustainability Strategies for a Brighter Tomorrow

Expanding Your Thrift Operation

Measuring the Impact of Your Social Enterprise

Hot Topics I & II

Addressing the Burning Questions and Provocative Subjects of Today and Tomorrow

Restoration after Abortion is Possible

Putting an End to Childhood Trauma

Ensuring Trafficking Survivors Don’t Become Victims

Don’t Let your Mission Drift

Rejecting the Anti-Human-Rights Tag

Guarding the Heart of the Mission

Why Ministries Struggle with Staff Development and Retention

What We’ve Learned from One Mission’s Pursuit of Hiring Rights


The Foundations of Counseling Track