Dear Members and Friends,

A certain national ministry organization has proclaimed that they will not go back to in-person meetings and events in the future. They said they have discovered that online meetings are more efficient and cost effective. Well guess what. That’s not us.

God made people for fellowship and deep engagement—and that will never be accomplished via computer, no matter how many bells and whistles online meeting platforms offer. Citygate Network people love to come together for valuable education, but also for inspiration and fun. That’s why our Annual Conference and Exposition is always popular and top-rated, and why we are working hard to make that event happen in 2021.

We’ve pushed it ahead about three months from what was previously published. It will now be held September 16 – 19 in Baltimore, Maryland, with its picturesque and playful Inner Harbor. As of now, all systems are go to hold this fabulous, four¬-day festival for the soul, where God will be honored and gospel¬-focused ministry issues will be explored in an upbeat atmosphere.

I’ll agree that our world has picked up its game in regard to virtual meetings, online learning, and distance education. That’s wonderful. We’ll use it here and there. But there’s nothing like the real thing. Togetherness. Live Q&A with experts. Informal fellowship with peers. Inspiration through testimonies and song. Prayer with ministry partners. Total presence. God willing, that’s where we’re heading.

Peruse these web pages and check out all that’s in store; then let’s get back together in Baltimore!


John Ashmen
Citygate Network

Our Theme

One of Baltimore’s famed residents, Edgar Allan Poe penned “The Raven” with its haunting retort from the poem’s antagonist: “Nevermore.” In the city where the poet succumbed to substance abuse, and where Baltimoreans are working to write a new stanza for “Charm City,” we’ll come together to reclaim the word Nevermore.

Nevermore will we be caught without a crisis response plan.
will we have a narrowly focused funding strategy.
will we neglect building collaborative relationships.
will we assume that nothing the government offers will benefit us.
will we be silent about crime in our cities and injustices in society.

Moreover, the people you serve every day are striving for new life, even as their old lives call after them. So with Baltimore’s Inner Harbor as the backdrop, we’ll explore new ways to help them break the bonds of addiction, regain health, restore relationships, escape homelessness, earn living wages, and launch into a new life. We want to hear them say these uplifting words: “Because of the power of the gospel, I can spread my wings and soar, nevermore to return to my old ways.”

And as we look at the future with new data and insights, let’s commit to nevermore rest on past successes, but instead, push forward with more intentionality, fresh vision, stronger partnerships, creative innovations, and a renewed commitment to transform lives.