Partnership in Savings

Eric Ryan Corporation (ERC) has a special contracted rate for Citygate Network members on utility and telecom bill auditing services. Here are the services that ERC offers:

ERC saved a Citygate Network member in Pennsylvania $15,122.40 (To read the report, click here). How much will your location save?

For more information about these services, please call 800-837-6406 or send ERC an email at

How Much Does A Bill Audit Cost?

ERC is compensated by negotiating a percentage of the identified/implemented savings prior to the onset of the auditing. They share in the negotiated percentage of all future savings and credit/refunds implemented. ERC has negotiated a special contracted rate for Citygate Network members of 25% for 12 months for refunds/credits/shared savings for utility and telecommunications auditing.

How The Process Works

The BNC Option

ERC offers a “Bills No Contract” (BNC) service to prequalify utility and telecom accounts for possible savings opportunities based on usage, location, utility or vendor, and other variables for proceeding into a full audit. One current bill is sent to ERC for each account to be reviewed (i.e. electric, gas, water, sewage, local, long distance, data, cable, wireless, conferencing). If possible savings opportunities are identified, you will be notified.  You can then decide if you would like to contract the Eric Ryan Corporation for an audit. For more information on contract options, click here.