Leadership Development

Isaiah 49:2 says, “He (God) shall make me as a polished arrow.” Citygate Network has long believed that strong ministry leaders can be polished arrows in God’s quiver, equipped to make a lasting impact in their communities and beyond. Few, if any, organizations have demonstrated a greater competency to develop leaders who are led more by Jesus, who lead more like Jesus, and who lead more to Jesus, than Arrow Leadership.

Ministries that focus on helping people who are hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted are at a strategic juncture in kingdom work today, and great leaders are needed to propel these ministries forward. For this reason Citygate Network has partnered with Arrow Leadership to make their stellar leadership development offerings more accessible to Citygate Network member ministries. These offerings include:

Transformational Programs (application required):

Arrow Leadership Program: An 18-month transformational experience utilizing a multi-layered approach that shapes and sharpens leaders for a lifetime of significant Kingdom impact. We offer two “streams” of the program:

Sharpening Leaders Initiative: A developmental experience delivered locally (i.e., at a location determined by the partnering ministry) encompassing four one-day leadership summits, three webinars, bi-monthly learning communities, and monthly e-resources. Five percent discount either on a per-participant fee basis or organizational fee basis.


Leadership Resources:

To learn more about Arrow Leadership, visit www.arrowleadership.org/citygate/, or contact Rick Franklin, vice president, at rickf@arrowleadership.org. All you have to do to access the program discounts is mention that you’re employed by a Citygate Network member organization.