Care Kits for Homeless Individuals

Not sure what to do when you want to help? You can assemble and give away simple Care Kits using watertight gallon-size zipper lock plastic bags filled with items such as:

Keep in mind:

When giving Care Kits away:

Don’t be in a hurry. It’s okay to slip it out your window to someone on a street corner or freeway ramp. But consider taking time to park the car and hand-deliver it.

Smile. This person probably gets ignored by hundreds of people every day.

Make eye contact. It shows that the person matters.

Don’t give money. It’s your decision, of course, but we generally discourage giving cash. Instead, ask what their immediate need is and consider how you can help. Buy them a meal? A bus ticket?

Be available to have a conversation. Some people won’t want to talk, so be sensitive. Others will be delighted to tell you their story.

Pray. Before you go, while you go, for the people you encounter. Ask the person if they would like you to pray for them right there.

Offer resources. Ask if the person knows about the rescue mission in your area. (Click here to locate the nearest mission.) Even if your local mission doesn’t offer the exact service someone needs, staff members can most likely refer the individual to other agencies that can help.

Be wise. The majority of homeless men and women are not dangerous—they’re people just like you. But it’s smart to go out as a group when handing out Care Kits.