Citygate Network’s Snapshot Survey

Each year, Citygate Network members survey thousands of individuals utilizing emergency shelter, supportive services, addiction recovery, and residential programs during a single day. This year, we ask Citygate Network members to select a 24-hour period between January 23-February 15, 2023, to take the count, and report their results by February 22, 2023. This is an extended deadline; the original date for submission was February 13.

Our survey corresponds loosely with the HUD Point-In-Time Count, asking many of the government’s same questions. But we also seek information specific to faith-based organizations (missions and similar ministries).

The data collected through the Snapshot Survey provides local and national media with a demographic snapshot of homelessness and poverty in communities across North America.

Participation Details

1. Select the date.
Choose a specific day to conduct your survey between January 23-February 15, 2023.

2. Download and print Snapshot Survey forms.
Please download all survey forms located in the table below. Print enough copies of the Facilitator’s Form to collect data from individuals requesting service at all mission locations and check-in areas. The Final Tally Form will help you compile your results and complete the online submission process.

Survey Overview   Survey User Guide   Facilitator’s Form   Final Tally Form
Survey Overview shares more in-depth about the purpose and value of the survey. When and how to collect the data.   The User Guide contains instructions that will help you to complete the survey. In addition, it provides insight into specific questions in the survey.   Print enough copies of the Facilitator’s Form to collect data from individuals at all mission locations and check-in areas.   Use the Final Tally form to compile your survey results (totaling numbers from all Facilitator’s Forms) before submission.
Download   Download   Download   Download


3. Conduct the survey.
If possible, survey everyone using mission-offered services, including your program participants and those coming for a meal, the day room, clothing, chapel service, etc. If that’s not practical, collect as many responses as you can.

4. Submit your data.
The opportunity to submit your Snapshot Survey results was Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The submission form is closed.

5. Share your results.
In return for your participation, we will send you a report of your mission’s survey results and the association-wide comparison, along with a press release template that can be used to share your mission’s findings with local media.

Questions: Email Justin Boles, vice president, at