Invisible Neighbors


About the Book

The plight of the poor in North America continues to evade simple solutions. The church has shown general concern and has been somewhat involved, but an underlying feeling that social woes are the government’s problem, and a lack of knowledge about meaningfully engaging with people in need, have kept the church from fulfilling its spiritual mandate. Invisible Neighbors tells the story of the desperate and destitute in our midst and reiterates Jesus’ instructions. With a unique combination of printed word and videos, the book is designed to motivate believers to engage with the poor in a way that will impact their communities, their churches, and their own lives.

About Citygate Network

With a legacy of nearly 120 years, Citygate Network (formerly known as the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions) is North America’s oldest and largest network of Christian faith-based organizations doing life-transformation work with poor and powerless people. The goal is to help them move, through the power of the gospel, from total bankruptcy and bondage to the point where they are eventually self-sufficient and giving back to their communities.


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