Since the late 1800s, rescue missions have been “killing with kindness” by offering radical hospitality in Jesus’ name to those who are dealing with hunger, homelessness, abuse, and addiction. For a better understanding of how rescue missions are making a major difference in our cities throughout North America, take a few minutes and watch this informational video from the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM).

AGRM serves as the network where the leaders of approximately 300 agencies find the training, resources, and support they need to serve the individuals and families who arrive on their doorsteps every day of the year. If you would be interested in volunteering at a place like this, our website will help you find a rescue mission in your area. Our online directory is also an excellent tool if you know of someone—a friend or even a family member—who can use the kind of help that rescue missions provide.

While rescue missions in membership with AGRM incorporate the core tenets of Christianity in all aspects of their work, they are open to people of every faith or no faith. The end goal is for individuals and families to have their lives and relationships restored, and to be reengaged in meaningful ways with society.

Thank you for taking a look at rescue missions and at AGRM.

John Ashmen, President

Use the links below to discover some simple ways you can show kindness to those who are homeless, hungry, addicted, or abused.
Located a Mission Involve Your Church

Use our online directory to find a rescue mission in your community. Consider serving as a volunteer or donating. Or refer a friend or family member who needs help.

Learn about Invisible Neighbors, a resource your small group or Sunday school class can use to gain a greater awareness of poor and homeless people and how you can help.

Unsure what to do when you see a homeless person on the street or at the freeway off-ramp? These ideas can help you know exactly how to get involved.

Support AGRM

Not sure you are cut out to help? Watch this moving video from one of our member missions that shows how even a small act of kindness might make a big difference.

Watch AGRM's informational video to gain an understanding of how rescue missions serve on the front lines to those battling with spiritual depravity and physical poverty.

Your donation to AGRM can be designated for development of new rescue missions, general operations of AGRM, government relations, or public awareness efforts.