b'HOT TOPICS 1 & 2 Addressing the Burning Questions and Provocative Subjects of Today and Tomorrow\x02Restoration after Abortion Is Possible \x02Putting an End to Childhood Trauma \x02Ensuring Trafficking Survivors DontBecome Victims \x02Dont Let Your Mission Drift \x02Rejecting the AntiHumanRights Tag \x02Guarding the Heart of the Mission \x02Why Ministries Struggle with StaffRESOURCE Development and RetentionDEVELOPMENT 1 & 2 \x02What Weve Learned from One MissionsRousing Transformational Giving with Cutting-Pursuit of Hiring RightsEdge Strategies \x02Startup Fundraising, Part 1 \x02Startup Fundraising, Part 2 ENTERPRISE & RETAIL\x02Dear Younger Fundraiser Me Catalyzing Entrepreneurial Spirit for Ministry\x02The Anatomy of a Capital Campaign Outcomes and Resource Growth \x02The Journey of a Legacy Giver \x02Whats Old is New Again: The\x02Ways to Give: Making Your Website Reemergence of Thrifta Top Friendraiser \x02Sustainability Strategies for a Brighter\x02Persuasive Grant Writing Tomorrow\x02Boosting Donations with Data Analytics \x02Expanding Your Thrift Operation \x02Measuring the Impact of Your Social Enterprise OPERATIONS & ADMINISTRATION 1 & 2 PUBLIC IMAGE & BRANDING Galvanizing Ministries with Best Practicesin HR, Finances, Facilities, and TechnologyEnergizing Deeper Community Connections\x02Accounting as a Trusted Advisor and Collaborative Partnerships\x02Building Bridges: Meet the Agency\x02TraumaInformed Facility Design Partners Who Didnt Like Us Before\x02Creating Your Own Legal Entities \x02Setting Your Podcast Apart\x02Budgeting In the Midst of Constant Change \x02Is Your Social Media Too Woke?\x02Mitigating Cyber Risk for Your \x02More than Words: Reimaging withMinistry Murals\x02Remote Work Is Here to StayMaking It Work for Your Team \x02Understanding Your Teams Social Styles\x02Im Burned Out Bye 13'