b'VARIED EDUCATIONAL OFFERINGSCLIENT & CULTURE Tracking with Global Trends, Legal Issues, and other Critical Ministry Topics\x02The Emerging Role of the Medical Case Manager \x02If We Learned Anything from COVID \x02Navigating Government Programs to Address SUPER SEMINARSFood Insecurity Expanded, In-Depth Sessions \x02Race, Poverty, and Homelessness: A Historical and Biblical Perspective \x02Responding to an Imminent Crisis in RealTime \x02The Heart and Science of Major Donor Development \x02Addiction Recovery Programs of the FutureSTRATEGIC THINKING \x02Merging Transformation, Community Engagement, and DevelopmentInspiring Intentionality and Vision for Ministry Leaders \x02Breakthrough Ideas from Our Ministry Roadat All LevelsTrip\x02Not Just CEOs: Planning for Succession at Every Level \x02How to Wisely Leverage Government Funding \x02Taking the Limits Off Your Leadership Foundations of Counseling\x02Cultivating Unity to Transform Relationships See Website for Specific Titles and Expand MinistryTRANSFORMATIONALPROGRAMMING 1 & 2 Inspiring Life -Changing Programs Toward Next -Level Outcomes\x02Integrating Financial Education into your Mission \x02Moving from Job Preparedness to Career Development \x02Is Respite Care Right for Your Ministry? \x02Mobile Case Management: Expand Your Community Impact \x02Ending the Cycle: When Domestic Abuse Stops, Whats Next? \x02Inside the Suicidal Mind \x02Breaking Free from the Addictive Cycle \x02Healing the Wounds of Trauma12'