b'Tuesday, 3:45 p.m.5:00 p.m.Wednesday, 10:45 a.m.12:00 p.m.Reviving Our Reviving OurSpirits TeamsDaring to Dream AgainExpanding Volunteer Roles The challenges of the past several monthsThe volunteers serving food and sorting may have squelched enthusiasm, lowered ourclothes for your organization likely havegaze, and caused us to scale down our visiondeep experience and talents to oer your to meet the most urgent needs, but we mustministry. From coaching soft skills, to connot lose our ability to dream big. Gods Wordducting parenting classes, to making says that where theres no vision, people per important connections in your community, ish. This session will focus on how we canthis workshop will uncover new ways to inspire our teams, energize our creativity, andengage your volunteers and further grow the look forward with expectancy. value they can bring to your organization.E S H S P O V K R O W T E N Renewing Spirits ThroughTeam Building forCorporate Scripture Reading Kingdom Impact The public reading of Scripture helped GodsLeaders need teams to accomplish the mispeople remember who God is, who they are,sion, but its not easy. Many teams struggle. and who they are called to be. This practiceSo what do highfunctioning teams do that was so important to Paul that in 1 Timothydysfunctional teams dont? Discover the 4:13, he instructed all to devote yourself toleadership secrets of Nehemiah, applied to the public reading of Scripture, to preachingteam building today. Bring your coworkers. and to teaching. But what can this practiceThis workshop will nurture personal, spiritual, look like in your organization, and how can itand emotional health among your sta transform your ministry? members, leading to better outcomes.Fostering Good Mental HealthLeadershift: 11 Essential at Your MinistryChanges Every LeaderCOVID19 has been beyond stressful. FearMust Embrace and anxiety may have aected you and/orWhat if you could gain the ability to make your sta in ways you havent considered:leadership changes that will enhance your poor diet, no exercise, diculty sleeping, organizational and personal growth? Todays and worsening chronic health problems. Theleaders must learn how to shift their leaderresult can be depressionyes, Christians dealship to keep innovating, improving, and with this. Look with us at some assessmentinuencing others in todays world. See how tools and ways to mentally (as well as spirit to rethink your perspective, adapt your style, ually) get to a better place.challenge your team, and become a transformational leader. Get Outta Here! Even without the problems of a pandemic, The Clean Team a lot of leaders dont know how to retreat.One of the most important teams going forThey feel tied to the work they do and nd itward is the one that is responsible for facility hard to cut the tethers for more than a weekcleanliness and sanitation. This practical to take an extended vacation. Thats notworkshop will employ CDC protocols and healthy for the leader or the organization.give principles for making things not just look Learn about several extended getaway ideasgood, but also be safe, top to bottom. And we for people on a budget and why you (and yourwill go beyond tips for operations sta to colleagues) need to ee on a regular basis.include lifestyle changes that can be taught to guests and students.8'